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The Signature

The signature is to be used in all branding/ non-branding communication such as magazines, flyers, posters, brochures, billboards, standees and giveaways/ souvenirs. 

It is also to be used with branding and non-branding print advertisements, road signage and giveaways/ souvenirs. 

The signature with positioning statement 'Defining futures' is to be used with posters, magazine, brochures, flyers, streamers, standees and billboards. This can also be used for branding advertisements. 

No-branding print advertisements are  used to provide the readers with a particular piece of information, such as Admission Ads, Employment Ads, Expression of Interest Ads, Tender Ads, and Conference/ Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposium Ads.

Branding print advertisements are used to strengthen and improve the overall image of an entity and do not necessarily contain any particular piece of information for readers.

National University of Sciences and Technology H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan