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NAA Chapters
Chapter Definition
A chapter is a community of NUST Alumni residing in a particular country / location. Minimum 25 NUST Alumni must be organized to be eligible to form a NUST International chapter in a particular location.

Chapter’s Objectives
•    To organize NUST Alumni in groups in a particular region in order to pursue activities for social and professional networking, visibility and other opportunities.
•    To identify and enhance opportunities for NUST Alumni and NUST.

Existing International Chapters of NUST Constituent Colleges
EME Alumni Association
1.    North America chapter.
Co-ordinator: Uzair Sukhera

2.    Europe Chapter.
Co-ordinator: Farhan Javed
3.    Middle East
Co-ordinator: Wahaj Tanvir

4.    Far East Asia:
Co-ordinator: Nauman Naseer

Amcolians Alumni Association
1.    USA Chapter
2.    UK Chapter

Social Media Groups: