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Constituent Alumni Associations

Under the umbrella of NUST Alumni Association, the constituent colleges and schools of NUST have their own locally established Alumni Associations. The Alumni Associations of these schools and colleges are as under:

EME Alumni Association

EME Alumni Association was founded 10th April, 2005 with Mr. Afnan Ahmed as the founder President. The Alumni has ever since kept EMEnents on a single platform focusing on

  • EME Alumni Financial Aid Program
  • Career Counselling
  • Alumni Reunions
Signalianz Alumni Association

The Signalians Alumni Association founded in 2003 has a mission to:

“Contribute Socially, Professionally & Financially to facilitate the welfare of Signalianz Community in particular and Humanity in general.”

Some of the key features of the association are:

  • Assistance in projects for final year batches
  • Job Placements/Internships
  • Industrial Linkages
  • Career Counseling
  • Collaborative efforts of Signalianz and Telecom/Software Societies
  • Annual G2Gs
  • Open House
  • Financial Assistance

SEECS Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of SEECS called SEECS Alumni Association (SAA) was founded on 10th November 2012. The vision statement of the association states that:
SAA has arranged numerous events since its inception like

  • SAA Gear Up Session
  • Alumni Sessions
  • Alumni Sports
  • SAA Student Scholarships

NBS Alumni Association

The NBS Alumni Association’s, also called AAN (with Urdu meaning of Pride) mission is to uphold lifelong alumni association amongst themselves & with NBS and enhancing the NBS brand by creating a strong visible alumni presence