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SEECS Alumni Scholarship Program

Always Notify SEECS Alumni Association

 Regardless of where you are and how you are making the donation, it is important that you notify us so that we can track your transactions for successful completion and provide you a confirmation. This information is vital for our record keeping and keeping a audit ready posture. 

You should complete the following form for each donation. Please make sure you provide all the required information as best as you can.

Don’t  Forget to Notify Us:

Account details for contribution

The collections would be received in the bank account titled "“NUST SEECS Alumni Association Scholarship Program". Following are the account details:

Title of Account: NUST SEECS Alumni Association Scholarship Program

Account No.:  22927000673303

Name of Bank: Habib Bank Ltd

Swift Code: HABBPKKA007

Branch Code: 2292

Address: Habib Bank Ltd,  NUST Sector H-12, Islamabad  

Name of Beneficiary: NUST SEECS Alumni Association Scholarship Program  

NUST –FTN: 9013704-3  (Note: In case NUST Free Tax Number is required by a bank)

How the Program Works?

The program has been designed to accommodate maximum students throughout the year. Following is an image providing a summary of one complete cycle of this program which will be repeated in each semester to award scholarships in the subsequent semester.