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 NUST Alumni Association (NAA) Governing Board Meets Rector NUST
A meeting between Rector NUST and NUST Alumni Association Governing Board was held on January 4 at Seminar Hall of the NUST Main Office. The meeting solely aimed at apprising Rector NUST of the developments and future plans of NAA.
Mr Ammar Khan, President NAA, presented a brief report on the future plans and prospects of NAA, elaborating the functioning of NAA Governing Board, working groups and its committees. He further highlighted the industrial liaison and community service initiatives of NAA. Adding Mr Ammar Khan also explicated the issues of finance management and the presence of their group activities on social media. While responding to the questions of various participants in the Question/Answer session, the President NAA Mr Ammar Khan and the Senior Vice President NAA Mr Usman Ali Akbar satisfied all their queries.
Later speaking at the occasion, Rector NUST Engr Muhammad Asghar assured NAA of his complete support. He further acknowledged the efficient functioning of NAA Governing Board in the early phases of its journey and eulogized the endeavours of the entire team involved in making its plan a success. Engr Muhammad Asghar asserted that only those nations remain exultant in the world who actually have the courage to accept the change with open minds as change was a natural phenomenon. He further said that the strength of NUST lay in diversity, its community of diversified people and unique combination of civil and military partnership.