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First LEGO League Regional Competition, Islamabad
NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) has been actively engaged in technology outreach programmes, through its annual activities such as Exylent, which has gained immense popularity in the past few years. To expand the scope of this technology outreach mission, SEECS has become a regional partner with STARfALL FIRST LEGO® League. FIRST LEGO® League ( is an international robotics competition, where students from around the world participate and demonstrate their knowledge and skills using sophisticated LEGO kits. Through FIRSTLEGO® League, SEECS aims to promote science and technology in Pakistan’s young generation while keeping the element of fun alive along with the spirit of learning and real life problem solution.
SEECS held its first regional competition among seven participating teams from different schools of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The teams and schools that participated are: Robocops from Roots F8 School, An-Nasar from EMS High School, Tera-Bytes from EMS High School, Roots Pakistan from Roots School DHA-1, Bot Freaks from Roots School DHA-1, Cybertrons from Headstart School F8, and Titans from Sheikh Zayed International School. These teams participated in three rounds of heated robotic challenges, overall robot design, core values of ethics, and senior citizen research studies. Roots Pakistan from Roots School DHA-1 won the overall competition. The top four teams will proceed to national championships that will be held in Lahore. These teams are An-Nasar from EMS High, Tera-Bytes from EMS High, Roots Pakistan from Roots DHA-1 and Bot Freaks from Roots DHA-1. The winner of national competition will then compete at the world level FLL that will be held in St. Louis, USA.
This is the first of its kind event being held in Pakistan and NUST -SEECS has collaborated with STAR Foundation to bring the cutting-edge technologies to children. NUST SEECS will continue building upon this success, and will continue to be a leader in education for students of all ages.