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Clubs & Societies

Besides academic excellence, the Nustians display dynamic literary, creative and artistic abilitiess and aptitude for co-curricular activities. In order to provide them with opportunities to pursue their passion in the company of like-minded individuals, Student Affairs Division is functional under the auspices of Student Affairs Directorate. Deputy Director Student Affairs is the chief coordinator and thus responsible for smooth prevalence of co-curricular activities at the campus The following central clubs and societies provide students the opportunity to exhibit their talents:

  • ​NUST Bazm-e- Pakistan ​​(NBP)
  • NUST  Adventure Club  (NAC)
  • NUST Environment Club (NEC)
  • NUST Science Society (NSS)
  • NUST Literary Circle (NLC)
  • NUST Book Club (NBC)
  • NUST Community Service Club(NCSC) 
  • NUST Dramatic Club (NDC)
  • NUST Debating Society (NDS) 
  • NUST Media Club (NMC)
  • NUST Fine Arts Club (NFAC)
  • NUST BioReach Society
  • NUST Entrepreneurs Club (NEC)
  • NUST Leaders Society (NLS)
  • NUST Excursion Club (NEC)
  • NUST Digital Club (NDC)
  • NUST Water Sports Club
  • NUST Technical Amusement Club (NTAC)
  • NUST Paragliding Club
  • NUST Robotics Club (NRC)
  • NUST Quiz Club (NQC)
  • International Chapter (SCME)
  • NUST Trekking Club (NKC)
  • NUST GeneUs
  • NUST Archery Club (NAC)
  • NUST Cultural Club (NCC)
  • NUST Fitness Club (NFS)
  • NUST Physics and Astronomy (NPA)​

Clubs and Societies are assigned to different institutions, who appoint Faculty Sponsors for Clubs/Societies. Faculty Sponsor has to guide and help office bearers and members of the concerned Club/Society . Email addresses and telephone nos of all Faculty Sponsors are listed below:

Clubs / Societies
Faculty Sponsors
Email Addresses
Telephone Nos


Ms Ayesha Mushtaq
NUST Entrepreneurs Club
Mr Taufique ur Rehman
​NUST Fitness Club Mr Iftikhar Ahmed​​ 051-90852027​
​NUST Excursion Club ​Mr. Muhammad Tahir Rasheed​k​ 051-90852138​

NUST Science Society
Dr. Erum Pervaiz
NUST Literary Circle
Dr Arshad Hussain
​NUST Material Society Engr Nadeem Ahsan​ ​051-90855101
NUST Book Club
Mr Adeel Umar
​NUST Digital Club Dr Aftab Akram​​ 051-90855215​

NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan
Mr. Asad Hanif
NUST Adventure Club
Dr Muhammad Faheem Khokhar
NUST Aero-Modeling Club
Dr Salman Atif
NUST Environment Club
Mr Zeeshan Sheikh
​NUST Technical Amusement Club Dr. Salman Atif​​


NUST Debating Society
Ms. Aleena Amir
NUST Media Club​
Mr Hammad Mushtaq
​NUST Water Sports Club Dr Nouman Wajid​

​ ​
NUST Community Service Club
Dr Muhammad Safdar

NUST Robotics Club Dr Yasir Ayaz​​ ​051-90856058
​NUST Paragliding Club ​Engr Muhammad Ikhlaq Khattak 051-90856046​
NUST Fine Arts Club
Manan Abdullah

​​ASAB ​ ​
​BioReach Society
Dr Muhammad Faraz Bhatti ​051-90856136
​GeneUs Club Dr Muhammad Faraz Bhatti ​​051-90856136
​Archery Club Dr Tahir Baig​​ 051-90856144​


 ​ ​ ​
NUST Media Club Mr Hammad Mushtaq ​051-90853605​
​NUST Cultural Club Dr Aqdas Afzal​​ 051-9085----​
​NUST Economics Society ​Ms Maha Ahmad​ ​051-9085----
​NUST Music Club Salman Nasir​​ 051-9085----​

​​SNS ​ ​
​NUST Dramatic Club

Dr Muhammad Ilyas Chishti​​


​NUST Treking Club Dr. Fahad Azad​​ 051-90855593​
​NUST Physics and Astronomy Dr. Naeem Shahid​​ 051-90855610​
​RCMS ​NUST Quiz Club Dr Zamir Hussain​​ ​051-90855739
These clubs and societies are managed by student office bearers under the guidance of Deputy Director Student Affairs and the concerned Faculty Sponsor. Student office bearers work as:
  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Press Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • CCA Room

    Co-curricular Activities (CCA) Room is functional at Student Affairs Directorate. Approved Clubs and Societies may use CCA Room for meetings during the office hours in coordination with Deputy Director Student Affairs.

    Contact Details

    Ms Syeda Sadia Muslim

    Assistant Director Student Affairs

    Tel:   051-90851685