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Student Centre
Student Centre operates under the auspices of Student Affairs Directorate. The Centre renders multiple services to NUST students as delineated below:
  •  Coordinates/ facilitates activities of all the University Clubs and Societies.The conduct of co-curricular activities through these fora enables students to hone their mental abilities and prepare themselves for the daunting challenges of future. 
  • Runs a publications section comprising a team of editors and student editors, for publishing the University’s monthly newsletter - NUSTNEWS, the annual bilingual literary magazine – THE NUSTIAN, and a yearly publication NUSTXTRA , which exclusively covers both on- and off-campus co-curricular activities of the students. The Publications section also keeps liaison with HEC Publications Directorate for proper coverage of NUST events in its publications such as HEC newsletter- News & Views. In addition to this, the publications dept also covers the University events for publishing in the national and international press.  
  • Manages functions of NUST Central Library and issues pertaining to funds, procurement of library books/ journals etc. for libraries of all the University institutions, and keeps liaison with HEC Digital Library and outside agencies regarding library matters. The Centre also has a Digital Library, allowing scholars to have a direct access to huge databases containing knowledge pertinent to their academic and research pursuits.
  •  Houses a Fiction Library with a rich collection of literary works in both Urdu and English languages. The students enjoy, leisure time from their tough academic routines, reading books of their choices. These books give them an insight into different meanings of and perspectives on life through the prism of veritable intellectual masterpieces. 
  •  Deals with discipline matters of students, as and when referred to SA Dte by NUST institutions. Director Student Affairs heads the Discipline Committee.
  •  Acts as a Front Office for processing all student related affairs/ queries i.e. degrees, transcripts, refunds, scholarships etc.
  • Houses the Secretariat of Pakistan Chapter of The Talloires Network, PCTN. The Chapter promotes civic engagement in the higher education sector of Pakistan.
  • Provides facilities such as cafeteria, mini mart, stationery etc.