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H-12, Islamabad
Further details on  NUST Orientation please visit:​

Orientation NUST (ON) is a 4-day event scheduled from August 28 to August 31, 2018. It is an exclusive chance for students to get acquainted with the NUST Islamabad campus, its amenities and its departments.

This year we've packed games, competitions, workshops, seminars, performances and an all-round enthralling experience for the incoming batch!

In 2017, ON pioneered the idea of central orientation of all Schools. NUST is segregated on the basis of different Schools for different programmes, which are administered separately as well as centrally, each having its own building. However, all major Schools are situated within on the H-12 Islamabad campus. Orientation NUST ‘18 will ensure that the students not only are given an induction session on the university, but can connect them to their fellow batch mates as well. Our aim is working on the idea of developing strong bonds between the upcoming freshmen batch, irrespective of their School or department, in order to establish comradeship between NUSTIANS and build the foundation of indelible friendships.

Some of the features of the ON ’18 programme include:

1.Presenting complete information about NUST to the new batch regarding NUST’s mission, ideology, studies, grading mechanism, departments and their roles, Campus Management System, Library Management System, events and execution.

2.Developing strong bonds between freshmen by introducing the idea of small groups consisting of students selected in equal ratios from all departments.

3.Helping students develop a true and realistic perception about each department by giving their study tours.

4.Paving the way for a truly memorable university experience with social events planned on all four days.

5.Bracing freshmen in an all-immersive experience, which will catapult them into the most exhilarating and memorable time of their lives; university life!