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I’m feeling overwhelmed. What should I do?
Stress is a normal part of life, but sometimes it can feel like you have more than you can handle. When you are overwhelmed, try taking control of the little things in your life. Try talking to a friend, listening to music, or taking a walk. The possibilities are endless.
I’ve tried lots of different ways to manage my stress, but I’m still not feeling like myself. What should I do next?
Things can add up and overwhelm your ability to handle your daily life. Maybe it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. Or you can’t focus when you’re studying. Maybe you’re feeling different from people around you. If you no longer feel like you can manage the demands of daily life, you may be experiencing something more than stress.
Can talking with a counselor help me?
Yes! While it may feel uncomfortable or strange at first, many people find it helpful to talk about their lives with someone trained to listen and understand where they are coming from – someone who doesn’t judge them
How can I make an appointment at the University Counseling Center?
Visit the For Appointment page.
What if I’ve been having thoughts of suicide?
This is definitely a time to come in and talk to a counselor. Having or expressing thoughts of suicide can mean different things for different people. It’s important to talk to a professional who can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you stay safe.
Whether it’s the big things or the little things, the University Counseling Center is here for you.