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How to register a complaint

Kinds of Procedure for lodging a complaint:

  • Informal complaint
  • Formal complaint

Procedure of Informal Complaint

Step 1

Employee/student can lodge a verbal complaint either to the Supervisor/ head of the department or the committee members.

Step 2
The person receiving the complaint can take an Informal action to resolve the issue.

Procedure of Formal Complaint

Step 1
Complainant can lodge a written complaint directly to any of the committee members OR they can also submit a written complaint to their supervisor/head of the department which will later be forwarded to the committee

Step 2

Acknowledgement by Committee

Step 3
The committee forwards the complaint to the harassment complaint cell at C3A

Step 4
Members of the harassment complaint cell communicate to the accused in writing within 3 days with allegation statement

Step 5
Accused's response in writing within 7 days

Step 6
Ex-parte decision by committee if no response from accused

Committee Proceedings

Step 1
Completion of process within 30 days

Step 2
Submission of recommendations to Competent Authority
Implementation of decision within 7 days of receipt of recommendations by competent Authority