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Dr. Muhammad Adil Mansoor
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
School of Natural Sciences,Sector H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel : 92-51-90855601
Email :;  adil.mansoor

Inorganic/Materials Chemistry; Photovoltaic Applications

Ph.D Chemistry (University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


  • Ph.D (Materials/Inorganic Chemistry) – 2015- University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • M.phil (Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry)-2010-  Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan 
  • M.Sc (Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry) -2008- Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • B.Sc (Premedical)-2006- Government College University Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • F.Sc (Premedical)-2004- F.G. Degree College Gujranwala, Cantt (FBISE)

Honour and Awards:

  • 1st Prize in poster presentation at joint Malaysia-UK symposium on inorganic chemistry organized by Royal Society of Chemistry at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5 December 2013
  • Best audience choice award in “Three Minute Thesis Competition 2015” at faculty of Science University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Best Presentation award at “International Conference on Emerging Research in Sciences and Humanities” May 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Member organizing committee and Presenter in Advanced Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medical Science (ANEMS) Conference, Nov. 2017,  held at Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Research and Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan; January 2019 to date
  • Assistant Professor at University of Sargodha, Mianwali, Pakistan, June 2018 to January 2019
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow at University of  Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  February 2017    to January 2018
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow; University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; October 2015 to June 2016

Research Interests:

  • Ceramic/Nano Materials
  • Electrochemical Sensors (Nitric oxide, Nitrite ion, Dopamine, hydrazine, uric acid, glucose)
  • Water Splitting/ Methanol oxidation
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)
  • Photoelectrochemistry (LSV, EIS, Chronoamperometry)
  • Optical Properties(Absorbance and Band gap studies)
  • Synthesis of homo and hetero-metallic complexes/ Single crystals using Vacuum lines
  • Fabrication of semiconductor metal oxide thin films via AACVD (Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition)
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis

Material Characterizations (CHN, 1H-NMR, FT-IR, ATR, TGA/DTG, XRD, XPS, BET, FEG-SEM, TEM, AFM, EDX, XRF, Raman. Photoluminescence(PL) and UV-visible spectroscopy) 

Research Projects:

  • Project accomplished on  “Fabrication of Bi/Tri metallic Solid Solutions for Photovoltaic Applications as a Post-doc Research Fellow in University of Malaya (Oct. 2015 to June 2016)
  • Project completed on “Fabrication of Nanostructured Functional Materials Thin Films for Production of Renewable Energy.” As a Research Assistant, under High Impact Research (HIR) grant University of Malaya (March 2015 to Sep. 2015).
  • Project completed on “Mixed Metal Oxide Thin Films From Single Source Precursor for Photocatalytic Water Splitting”, as a Research Assistant, under UMRG research grant University of Malaya (2013 to 2015)
  • Project completed on “Synthesis and Characterization of Hetero-bimetallic Precursors to Ceramic Nanomaterial for Renewable Energy Production”, as a Research Assistant, under UMRG research grant University of Malaya (2011-2013)
  • Project completed on “Synthesis & Characterization of All Perovskite Solid  Oxide  Fuel Cells for Energy Generation and Security”, as a Research Associate,  in collaboration with University of Central Florida, USA (2009-2011)

Research Publications
S/No ​Title
​1. Hexagonal structured Zn(1-x)CdxO solid solution thin films: Synthesis, characterization and applications in photoelectrochemical water splitting.  M. A. Mansoor, Ehsan, M.A., McKee, V., Huang, N.-M., Ebadi, M., Arifin, Z., Basirun, W.J., Mazhar, M. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013, 1, 5284.
​2. ​Single Phased MnZnO3 Solid Solution Thin Films for Solar Energy Harvesting Applications. M. A. Mansoor, N. M. Huang, V. McKee, T. A. Nirmal Peiris, K.G.U. Wijayantha,  Z. Arifin, M. Misran, M. Mazhar Solar Energy Materials and Solar cells 2015, 137, 258.
​3. ​Perovskite-structured PbTiO3 thin films grown from a single-source precursor  M. A. Mansoor, A. Ismail, R. Yahya, Z. Arifin, E. R. T. Tiekink, N. S. Weng, M. Mazhar, A. R. Esmaeili.  Inorganic Chemistry (ACS) 2013, 52, 5624.
​4 ​Photoelectrocatalytic activity of Mn2O3-TiO2 composite thin films engendered from a trinuclear molecular complex M. A. Mansoor; Mazhar, M.; Pandikumar, A.; Khaledi, H.; Huang. N. M. and Arifin, Z. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2016, 41, 9267.
​5. ​Semiconducting composite oxide Y2CuO4–5CuO thin films for investigation of photoelectrochemical properties. Sohail Ahmed, M. A. Mansoor, Muhammad Mazhar, Tilo Söhnel, Hamid Khaledi, Wan Jefrey Basirun, Zainudin Arifin, Shahzad Abubakar and Bakhtiar Muhammad Dalton Transactions 2014, 43, 8523.
​6. ​Cobalt titanate-cobalt oxide composite thin films deposited from heterobimetallic precursor  M.A.Ehsan,  M. A. Mansoor, M. Mazhar, A.A.Tahir, M.Hamid,  K.G.Upul Wijayantha, Applied Organometallic Chemistry 2012, 493.
​7. ​Effect of synergic cooperation on optical and photoelectrochemical properties of CeO2–MnO composite thin films.  M. A. Mansoor, Mazhar, M., Ebadi, M., Huang. N. M. and Lo, K. M. J. New Journal of Chemistry 2016, 40, 5177.
​8. ​The Synthesis and Characterization of Hexanuclear Copper-Yttrium Complex for Deposition of Semiconducting CuYO2-0.5Cu2O Composite Thin Films. Sohail Ahmed, M. A. Mansoor, Wan Jefrey Basirun, Mehran Sookhakian, Nay Ming Huang, LO Kong Mun, Tilo Söhnel, Zainudin Arifin, Muhammad Mazhar New Journal of Chemistry 2015, 39, 1031.
​9. ​Iron–manganese–titanium (1 : 1 : 2) oxide composite thin films for improved photocurrent efficiency. M. A. Mansoor, K. Munawar, S. P. Lim, N. M. Huang, M. J. Akhtar, M. Siddique, M. Mazhar. New Journal of Chemistry 2017, 41, 7322.
​10. ​Single step fabrication of CuO-MnO-2TiO2 composite thin films with improved photoelectrochemical response. K. Munawar, M.A. Mansoor, M. Mazhar, M. Misran, W. J. Basirun, H. N. Ming. RSC Advances 2017, 7, 15885.
​11. ​Cadmium-manganese oxide composite thin films: Synthesis, characterization and photoelectrochemical properties  M. A. Mansoor; Ebadi, M.; Mazhar, M.; Huang, N. M.; Lo, K. M.; Misran, M.; Basirun, W. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2017, 186, 286.
​12. ​Mn2O3–4TiO2 semiconducting composite thin films for photo-electrochemical water splitting. M. A. Mansoor, Muhammad Mazhar, Vickie McKee, Zainudin Arifin Polyhedron  2014, 75, 135.
​13. ​Lanthanum-Titanium Oxide composite from a single molecular cluster: Non-Enzymatic Mesoporous Electrochemical Nitrite Ion Sensor M.A. Mansoor, V. McKee, F.B. Yusof, S.P. lim, M.N.M. Zubir, H.N. Ming, M. Mazhar, , Polyhedron (2018) Accepted, doi:
​14. ​Heptanuclear zinc cluster for growth of zincite and manganese-doped zincite thin films for sensor applications Hussain, M., Tahir, M.N.,  M. A. Mansoor,  Arifin, Z., Mazhar, M. Monatshefte fur Chemie 2013, 144, pp285.
​15. Photoelectrochemical water splitting over mesoporous CuPbI3 films prepared by electrophoretic technique. R. Naeem, R. Yahya, M. A. Mansoor, M. A. M. Teridi, M. Sookhakian, A. Mumtaz, M. Mazhar, Monatshefte fur Chemie 2017, 148, pp-981.​
​16. ​Synthesis and characterization of magnetite nano particles with high selectivity using in-situ precipitation method.H. Rashid, M. A. Mansoor, B. Haider, R. Nasir, S. Bee A. Hamid, and A. Abdulrahman, Separation Science and Technology. 2019, DOI:
​17. ​Optimization of conditions for improved solar energy harvesting application by hydrothermally grown TiO2 nanorods. M. A. Mansoor, F. B. Yusof and H. Nay-Ming. Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society. 2019, DOI:
​18. Pyrochlore-structured Y2Ti2O7–2TiO2 composite thin films for photovoltaic applications. K. Munawar, M. A. Mansoor, M. M. Olmstead, F. B. Yusof, M. B. Misran, W. J. Basirun and M. Mazhar. Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society. 2019,​

Conference Proceedings:
S/No ​Title
​1. Fabrication of band gap engineered nanostructured tri-metallic (Mn-Co-Ti) oxide thin films M.A. Mansoor, F.B. Yusof,, M-N.Huang. AIP Conference Proceedings 1948, 020005 (2018); doi: 10.1063/1.5030884​
Teaching at Undergraduate level (BS):

  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry,
  • Analytical Chemistry (I)
  • Basic Organic Chemistry
  • Nuclear Chemistry

Teaching at Post Graduate (MS & PhD) Level: 

  • Polymer Chemistry