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Dr. Zahida Malik (On Leave)
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
School of Natural Sciences, H-12, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90855579

Physical Chemistry, Material Chemistry

Ph.D Chemistry(University of Vienna, Austria)


  1. PhD (2008-2012) (Physical Chemistry) from the Institute of Physical Chemistry University of Vienna, Austria.
  2. M.Phil (2001-2003) (Physical Chemistry) from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

​ ​​

  1. ​Nanoparticles and composite materials.
  2. Hard materials.
  3. Thermoelectric materials.
  4. Structural elucidation and Physical properties measurements


Journal Publications:


​1. Z.Malik, O. Sologub, G. Giester and P. Rogl, The System Ce-Zn-B at 800°C Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 184 (2011) 2840–2848.
​2. ​Zahida P. Malik, Oksana Sologub, Andriy Grytsiv, Gerald Giester, Peter F. Rogl, Crystal Structure of Novel Ni-Zn Borides; First Observation of a Boron–Metal Nested Cage Unit: B20Ni6, Inorganic Chemistry, 50 (2011) 7669-7675.
​3. ​Z.Malik, A. Grytsiv, P. Rogl and G. Giester, Phase relations and crystal structures in the system Ce-Ni-Zn at 800°C, Journal of Solid State Chemistry,  194 (2012) 80-90.
​4. ​Z.Malik, O. Sologub, G. Giester and P. Rogl, The crystal structure of Ni-Zn co-doped b boron Ni0.19Zn1.24B34.22, J Alloys Comp., 561( 2013) 276–283.
​5. ​Z.Malik, H. Michor, A. Grytsiv, G. Rogl, S. Puchegger, H. Müller, M. Kriegisch, E. Bauer, C. Eisenmenger-Sittner, P. Rogl, Physical Properties of the Ternary Borides Ni21Zn2B20 and Ni3ZnB2, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 550 (2013) 302–307.
​6. ​Z.Malik, A. Grytsiv, P. Rogl, G. Giester and J. Bursik, Phase Relations and Structure Chemistry in the System Ni-Zn-B, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 198 (2013) 150–161.
​7. ​Z.Malik, A. Grytsiv, P. Rogl and G. Giester, Phase Equilibria and Crystal Structures in the System Ce-Zn-Si, Intermetallics, 36 (2013) 118–126.
​8. ​Z.Malik, F. Kneidinger,  H. Michor, S. Puchegger, E. Bauer, G. Giester, P. Rogl, Physical Properties of non-centrosymmetric Ni2Zn11, Intermetallics, 38 (2013) 88-91.



Conference Contributions:


​1. Z. Malik, P. Rogl, Investigation of New Semiconducting Phases, Oral Presentation, International Conference of Biochemical and Chemical Science (ICBCS) 2014, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
​2. ​Z. Malik, Synthesis, Characterization and Physical Properties of Ni-Zn Borides, Oral Presentation. MATTECH, GIKI, KPK, Topi, Pakistan (2013).
​3. ​Z. Malik, A. Grytsiv, O. Sologub and P. Rogl, On the Systems Ni-Zn-B, Oral Presentation. 6th Vacuum and surface science conference of Asia and Australia, Islamabad, Pakistan (2012).
​4. ​Z. Malik, A. Grytsiv, O. Sologub and P. Rogl, On the Quaternary Systems Ce-Ni-Zn-(B, Si), Poster Presentation.18th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements” Lisbon University, Lisbon, Portugal (2012).
​5. ​Z. Malik, O. Sologub and P. Rogl, The System Ce-Ni-Zn-B. Oral Presentation. 17th International Symposium on Boron, Borides and Related Materials, Istanbul, Turkey (2011).
​6. ​Z. Malik, M.S. Ansari Investigation of Preferential Solvation of Ni++ and Co++ ions in aqueous Solutions of Et-OH and Me-OH. Oral Presentation, 4th International and 10th National Conference on Chemistry, Lahore. Pakistan, (2003).