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Head of Department Message

The department of mathematics at the School of Natural Sciences (SNS) is the oldest department among all the departments functioning under the umbrella of the school. At the time of establishment in 2004, SNS introduced MPhil leading to PhD program in Mathematics. Growing up with time, now the department is running programs at all levels i.e. BS, MS, and PhD in Mathematics. So far the department has produced more than 350 graduates including 32 PhDs. 

Since the beginning, the main focus of the department is to groom students morally, academically, and socially. 

 My advise to all students of the department is to work hard and utilize time to achieve your academic goals along with full participation in extra and co-curricular activities.

I wish you a nice stay and learning experience here. May Allah help you in becoming good human being and a valued resource for the country.
Tooba Feroze
Head of Department (Mathematics)