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About Department
The main objective is to supply much-needed human resources in the field of mathematics.


The students are required to complete 48 credit hours of course work that include 18 credit hours of core courses: MCO-801 to MCO-806. The remaining 33 credit hours of course work is elective. Of these 33 credit hours at least 21 credit hours are required to consist of regular courses from 810 to 989. At least 3 and at most 12 credit hours are allowed to be reading and research courses.
In order to provide the potential PhD students with a broad base that will enable them to conduct worthwhile research in some mainstream area, the School offers a wide range of courses from its major thrust areas, which include Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics and Engineering Mathematics.


The PhD programme, of course, also has a 36 credit thesis requirement as well, which the student will register for every semester from the fourth onwards provided he/she clears the qualifying examinations.