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About Department
Department of Mathematics at NUST School of Natural Sciences is currently offering the following programs in Mathematics: 
1. Postgraduate Programs:
             a. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
             b. Master of Science (MS)
2. Undergraduate Program:
                  Bachelor of Science (BS)  

SNS started a four years MPhil leading to PhD program in 2004. In 2012, the structure of the program was revised and separate programs at MPhil (now MS) and PhD levels were introduced. In total there are 30 credit hours in MS program. This includes 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours are reserved for research. The PhD program consists of 18 credit hours coursework and 30 credit hours thesis. After completing course work, PhD students are required to clear comprehensive exam as per the NUST policy. The course work of the programs is designed keeping in view the international standards, HEC guidelines and the national requirements.After completion of MS in Mathematics interested students get admissions in foreign and local universities easily which is an indicator of the fact that our degrees meet the international standards. MS and PhD course curriculum can be found here and here, respectively.

BS Mathematics program was started in 2010 which is a four year program in-line with the requirements of the Higher Education Commission for award of degree. The course work of BS Mathematics is designed according to the vision of NUST (See Vision and Mission of NUST) and guidelines of the Higher Education Commission. The description of the course curriculum for eight semesters and course outlines can be found here.pdfhere.pdf. The program envisages the uplifting of the standards of higher education in mathematics in Pakistan and is in pace with fast growing technological revolution. The courses included in this program are a fine blend of core, pure and applied mathematics.

The main theme of the programs is to train students in various fields of Mathematics for their better understanding of Mathematics which leads to lifelong successful careers.
To get admission in any of these programs, please visit:

General information about admissions to BS/MS/PhD can be found on:​

To know the eligibility criteria, fee structure, duration of the program and admission process etc. For any general queries, you may write to 

For queries related to Mathematics, you may write to​