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Student Publications
  • Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Aamir,  Depth and Stanley depth of the edge ideals of square paths and square cycles, Communications in Algebra, Vol. 46, Issue 3, Pages 1188-1198 Published online 2018, IF 0.429. 
  • Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Ishaq, Rashid Farooq, Computing Different Versions of Atom-bondConnectivity Index of Dendrimers, Journal of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 9, Issue 1, Pages 217–229 Published online 2017 (Non ISI)
  • Rashid Farooq, Sarah Chand and Mehtab Khan, On iota energy of bicyclic signed digraphs,  Asian-European Journal of Mathematics (
  • Rashid Farooq, Mehtab Khan and Sarah Chand, On iota energy of signed digraphs, Linear and Multilinear Algebra (
  • S. Akhter, R. Farooq, S. Pirzada; Exact formulae of general sum-connectivity index for some graph operations, MATEMATIČKI VESNIK (
  • Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Ishaq, Rashid Farooq; Computing different versions of atom-bond connectivity index of dendrimers, Journal Of Informatics And Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 217–229, 2017
  • Ahmad and M. Mustafa, Model and comparative study for rotating flow of nanofluids due to convectively heated exponentially stretching sheet, Journal of Molecular Liquids, Volume 220 (2016), pages 635-641, IF 3.648.
  • K. Rubab and M. Mustafa, Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model for MHD three-dimensional flow of Maxwell fluid over a stretching sheet, PLoS ONE, Volume 11 (2016), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0153481, IF 2.806.
  • R. Ahmad, M. Mustafa, T. Hayat and A. Alsaedi, Numerical study of MHD nanofluid flow and heat transfer past a bidirectional exponentially stretching sheet, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 407 (2016), pages 69-74, IF 2.630.
  • Z. Shafique, M. Mustafa and A. Mushtaq, Boundary layer flow of Maxwell fluid in rotating frame with binary chemical reaction and activation energy, Results in Physics, Volume 6 (2016), pages 627-633, IF 0.946.
  • M. Mustafa, M. Wasim, T, Hayat and A. Alsaedi, A revised model to study the rotating flow of nanofluid over an exponentially deforming sheet: Numerical solutions, Journal of Molecular Liquids, Volume 225 (2017), pages 320-327, IF 3.648.
  • N. Maqsood, M. Mustafa and J. A. Khan, Numerical tackling for viscoelastic fluid flow in rotating frame considering homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions, Results in Physics, Volume 7 (2017), pages 3475-3481, IF 0.946.
  • R. Ahmad, M. Mustafa and S. Hina, Buongiorno's model for fluid flow around a moving thin needle in a flowing nanofluid: A numerical study, Chinese Journal of Physics, Volume 55 (2017), pages 1264-1274, IF 0.514.
  • R. Ahmad, M. Mustafa and M. Turkyilmazoglu, Buoyancy effects on nanofluid flow past a convectively heated vertical Riga-plate: A numerical study, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 111 (2017), pages 827-835, IF 3.458.
  • M. Mustafa, R. Ahmad, T. Hayat and A. Alsaedi, Rotating flow of viscoelastic fluid with nonlinear thermal radiation: a numerical study, Neural Computing and Applications, Volume 29 (2018), pages 493-499, IF 2.505.
  • M. Tabassum and M. Mustafa, A numerical treatment for partial slip flow and heat transfer of non-Newtonian Reiner-Rivlin fluid due to rotating disk, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 123 (2018), pages 979-987, IF 3.458.