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Lab Facilities
UG Labs

Central Physics Lab:
The physics department at SNS NUST offers Central Physics Lab to all the undergraduate students of NUST with Engineering and Sciences major, where classroom theories are put into practice through real-world experiments. It has a wide range of experimental setups to provide hand’s on learning to students that enhances understanding of lecture topics in their basic Physics courses. Following is the list of experiments in Central Physics Lab:
  • Study of Errors in physical measurements
  • Study of projectile Motion
  • Study of Newton’s law
  • Study of wave motion (Reflection, Refraction, etc)
  • Study of moment of inertia
  • Verification of Faraday’s Law
  • Verification of gas laws
  • Verification of Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s law etc

Electricity and Magnetism Lab:
Electricity and Magnetism lab is a mandatory lab for undergraduate student of Physics and Mathematics major taking course PHY-107. The objective of this lab is to teach basic concepts of electricity and magnetism by observation from experiments. Following are the details of the experiments in this Lab:
  • Introduction to oscilloscope
  • Coulombs Law
  • Faraday’s Law
  • Faraday’s ice pale
  • Charges, Equipotential and field mapper
  • Rectification
  • Logic gates
  • Fly Wheel

Lab 1 (PHY-391):
PHY-391 is a mandatory lab for undergraduate students with major in Physics. It is a 2 Cr Hrs lab. The following is the list of experiments in this lab:
  • Advanced nuclear spectroscopy
  • Elementary charge of electron
  • Specific charge of electron (e/m)
  • Transmission Line
  • Dielectric constant of ice
  • Sand craters
  • Planck’s constant

Lab 2 (PHY-392):
PHY-392 is a mandatory lab for undergraduate students with major in Physics. It is a 2 Cr Hrs lab. The following is the list of experiments in this lab:
  • Introduction to color addition and prism
  • Reflection of light
  • Snell’s Law
  • Total Internal reflection
  • Concave and convex lens
  • Hollow lens
  • Lensmaker’s equation
  • Apparent Depth, reversibility and depression
  • Focal length & magnification of thin and concave lens
  • Virtual images
  • Microscopes and shadows

Computer Lab:
To facilitate students on BS/MS and PhD level, SNS is providing Computer lab Facility to all students. This lab Contains following facilities :
  • 44 Desktop Computers​
  • High speed Internet Access
  • Access to many scientific journals
The Desktop computers are of latest core i7 Processor technology which are also being used for computation purpose.  Computer lab is being utilized for teaching purposes also. Different courses are and their practicals are being performed in lab. Many software tools like MATLAB, MATHEMATICA and many Programming compilers are installed in lab which help students to complete their tasks, given by instructor/Supervisors.

Research Equipment:
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Photochemical reactor
  • Laser scriber
  • Synthesis tools (vacuum and drying ovens, stirrer, hot plate, fumehood, etc)