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Head of Department Message

The Physics department of the School of Natural Sciences aims to provide quality education to our students. Physics is an exciting and enriching field of study that requires deep analytical reasoning and nurtures intellectual curiosity about the world around us. We endeavor for research at the forefront of the frontiers of knowledge in our field.  We offer three programs of study, namely 

             a. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Physics) 

             b. Master of Science (MS Physics)

             c. Bachelor of Science (BS Physics)  

The focus of our department is on development of core concepts and problem solving skills.  We offer a diverse platform for undertaking research in a multitude of areas. On the one hand we encourage our students to explore the mysteries of the fundamental structure of the Universe. On the other hand, we seek to establish a footprint in the local industry in terms of Energy and related technologies. Our thrust areas are;

  • Condensed Matter Physics & Nanotechnology
  • Cosmology, Relativity and Astrophysics
  • High Energy Physics
  • Plasma Physics
  • Quantum Information & Quantum Optics

We have a vibrant research culture in our department. There is a regular (weekly) seminar series where leaders in their respective fields are invited from all over Pakistan to present their research. In addition, the several research groups organize group meetings. 

The prospective students should feel free to seek advice from head of the department or the department office for admission to any of the programs offered at the department of Physics, SNS. We hope you will find our department challenging and exciting and that you shall contribute positively to our environment once you are selected.

Head of Department (Physics) 
Dr. Shahid Iqbal