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Physics Research Groups

SNS, research is given the top most priority. The faculty at SNS has over 970 publications to its credit, 796 of which are in ISI journals with impact factor 1342.043. SNS has produced more than 200 post graduates including 32 PhDs.​

Research Groups

There are various research groups working at SNS, many of which hold collaborative meetings and research presentations on regular basis. These include groups on:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Experimental Physics
  • Advanced Functional Materials and Devices
    Research Groups

    Research Groups – Physics:

    Research Group  ​Members ​Research Interest
    ​Quantum Optics
    and Quantum 
    ​Dr. Aeysha Khalique Quantum communications,
    Quantum key distribution,
    Cavity quantum electrodynamics
    ​Dr. Shahid Iqbal Multipartite entanglement,
    Multiparticle Interference,
    Quantum Walks, Entangled coherent states,
    Nonclassical correlations,
    Generalized Coherent states
    Dr. Naila Amir
    (Associate Member from SEECS​)
    Position-dependent effective mass systems,
     Generalized coherent states,
    Multipartite entanglement 

    Research Group ​   Members ​   Research Interest
    ​High Energy 

    Dr. Muhammad Ali Paracha​

    Flavor Physics,

    Physics Beyond the Standard Model, 

    Non-perturbative QCD

    Dr. Rizwan Khalid
    (Associate Member from SEECS​)

    Dark Matter, GUT theories

    Research Group ​ Members ​Research Interest
    Plasma Physics

    Dr. Muddasir Ali Shah​

    Kinetic theory of plasma waves,

    Plasma waves and instabilities,