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Physics Research Groups

In SNS, research is given the top most priority. The faculty at SNS has over 690 publications to its credit, 570 of which are in ISI journals with 930 impact factor. Despite being a young School, already 35 students have finished their MS  in distinct fields of Physics.​

Research Groups

There are various research groups working at SNS, many of which hold collaborative meetings and research presentations on regular basis. These include groups on:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Experimental Physics
  • Advanced Functional Materials and Devices
    Research Groups
    Research Group  ​Members ​Research Interest
    ​Theoretical Physics ​Dr. Aeysha Khalique Quantum Information, Quantum Optics
    ​Dr. Rizwan Khalid Dark Matter, SuSY, Physics beyond the SM
    ​Dr. Shahid Iqbal Coherent States, their Generalization. Quantum information. Quantum Chaos
    Dr. Muhammad Ali Paracha​ Flavor Physics, Physics beyond the SM
    Dr. Muddasir Ali Shah​ Linear Analysis of Waves, Plasma Modes, Instabilities

    Research Group ​ Members ​Research Interest
    Advanced Functional Materials and Devices

    Dr. Syed Rizwan Hussain​

    Nanocatalysis, Ferroelectrics, Magnetics, Spin-electronics Devices, Micro and Nanodevices, Laser Scribing for Supercapacitors, Lithium-ion Batteries, Graphe​​ne Memory Storage Devices, Nanohybrids and Nanostructures, Nanoparticles for Medical Applications
    Dr. M. Zafar Iqbal     Graphene Sensors, Conductive Polymers, Oil-Spilling Applications, 
    Dr. M. Ali Mohammad​     Nanofabrication, Electron Beam Lithography, Supercapacitors, SAW Devices
    ​Dr. Nasir Mahmood​ ​    Lithium-Ion Batteries, Graphene Electrodes, Thermoelectrics

    Research Group ​ Members ​Research Interest
    ​Experimental Physics

    Dr. Faheem Amin​​

    Biological Applications of nanoparticles
    Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Synthesis, fabrication and structural investigation of nanostructures
    Dr. Syed Rizwan Hussain​
    Nanofabrication of data storage devices, One-dimensional spintronic devices, magnetic devices
    Dr. Yasir Rafique​ Synthesis, fabrication and structural investigation of nanostructures