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Research Groups

Research Groups – Mathematics:

​Research Group ​  Members ​Research Interest
Algebra &​Analysis Dr. Matloob Anwar ​Cauchy Mean Time Scale Integrals

Dr. Muhammad Ishaq

Commutative Algebra
​Dr. Quanita Kiran Metric Fixed Point Theory,
Operator K- Theory 
​Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
​Computational Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics Prof. Azad Akhter Siddiqui Finding Closed Form Approximations of
Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations
Dr. Meraj Mustafa Hashmi (Associate Member from RCMS) 
Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Numerical Analysis, Nanofluid Flows, Heat Transfer, Analytic solutions of Non-linear Differential Equations
Dr. Moniba Shams​​ ​Elastodynamics, Solid Mechanics,
Wave Motion
Dr. M. Asif Farooq Compressible Flows, Spectral Method, Numerical Solutions of PDEs/ODEs, Non-Newtonian Fluids
Dr. Asim Aziz
(Associate Member from College of E&ME)​

Mathematical Biology

Dr. Noreen Sher Akbar (Associate Member from College of E&ME)​
Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Fluid Mechanics
Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
​Differential Equations ​Prof. Faiz Ahmad Differential Equations, Elastodynamics
Dr. Mujeeb ur Rehman Existence Theory, Numerical Methods
Dr. Umer Saeed
(Associate member from NICE)
Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations​

Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
​Discrete Mathematics Dr. Rashid Farooq Game Theory, Spectral Graph Theory​,
Metric Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization
Dr. Muhammad Imran 
(On Leave)
Graph Theory
Dr. Yasir Ali
(Associate Member from College of E&ME)
Combinatorial Optimization

Research Group ​   Members ​Research Interest
​Mathematical Physics Prof.  Azad Akhter Siddiqui​
Relativity, Cosmology
General Relativity (Spacetime Symmetries);
Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations
Cosmology, Quantum Gravity, Black hole Dynamics
(Associate Member from SEECS)​
Space-time Symmetries, Gravitational Waves
,Noether Symmetries, Conservation Laws,
Particle Dynamics in Black Hole Spacetimes.
Dr. Umar Farooq
(Associate Member from College of E&ME)​
​Complex Symmetry Analysis, Cosmology


Research Groups – Physics:

Research Group  ​Members ​Research Interest
​Quantum Optics
and Quantum 
​Dr. Aeysha Khalique Quantum communications,
Quantum key distribution,
Cavity quantum electrodynamics
​Dr. Shahid Iqbal Multipartite entanglement,
Multiparticle Interference,
Quantum Walks, Entangled coherent states,
Nonclassical correlations,
Generalized Coherent states
Dr. Naila Amir
(Associate Member from SEECS​)
Position-dependent effective mass systems,
 Generalized coherent states,
Multipartite entanglement 

Research Group ​   Members ​   Research Interest
​High Energy 

Dr. Muhammad Ali Paracha​

Flavor Physics,

Physics Beyond the Standard Model, 

Non-perturbative QCD

Dr. Rizwan Khalid
(Associate Member from SEECS​)

Dark Matter, GUT theories

Research Group ​ Members ​Research Interest
Plasma Physics

Dr. Muddasir Ali Shah​

Kinetic theory of plasma waves,

Plasma waves and instabilities,

Research Groups – Chemistry:
Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
Functional Nanomaterials Prof. Habib Nasir
Nanocatalysis, Nanosensors,
Mesoporous Materials for Drug Delivery,

Dr.Zahida Malik​

​Functional Materials, Thermoelectrics

Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
​Molecule Design and Synthesis Dr. Muhammad Arfan β-peptides Synthesis,
Synthesis of peptide drugs,
Reagents in organic synthesis,
Develop new methodologies
​Dr. Mudassir Iqbal​ Organic synthesis, Nuclear waste treatment,
Synthesis of metal selective ligands,
Task specific ionic liquids,

Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations

Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
​Nanotechnology and Photocatalysis Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan​ Photocatalysis, Artificial Photosynthesis,
Synthesis of Nanomaterials,
Water Purification, Renewable Energy​
Dr. Muhammad Naeem Ashiq
(BZU Multan)

​Photocatalysis,Fuel Cells,
Artificial Photosynthesis,Synthesis of Nanomaterials,
Water Purification,Renewable Energy,Biosensors

Magnetic Properties of Materials,Surface Chemistry
Research Group ​Members ​Research Interest
​Hybrid Materials Dr. Muhammad Arfan β-peptides Synthesis, 
Synthesis of peptide drugs,
Reagents in organic synthesis,
Develop new methodologies
Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan
 Artificial Photosynthesis, 
Synthesis of Nanomaterials,
Water Purification,
Renewable Energy​
​Dr. Azhar Mahmood ​Natural Product Chemistry,
Corrosion Chemistry, Coatings,
Biofuels, Energy Materials,
Environmental Chemistry