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Research Publications


In SNS, research is given the top most priority. The faculty at SNS has over 650 publications to its credit, most of which are in ISI journals. In 2012 alone, there were 82 publications with an impact factor over 100. Despite being a young Centre, already 27 students have finished their MPhil and 13 have received PhD in distinct fields of Mathematics.
Research Groups
There are various research groups working at SNS, many of which hold collaborative meetings and research presentations regularly. The groups in the Department of Mathematics are: 
» Algebra
» Analysis
» Computational Mathematics
» Differential Equations
» Discrete Mathematics
» Mathematical Physics   


The following are the groups in the Department of Physics:
» Astrophysics, Cosmology and Relativity
» High Energy Physics
» Nanotechnology
» Plasma Physics
» Theoretical Quantum Physics


SNS has 75 ISI journal publications in 2011 with an impact factor of 101.878.



Name of Faculty



Prof. Azad A. Siddiqui

Azad A. Siddiqui, S. M. Jawwad Riaz and M. Akbar, Foliation and the First Law of Black Hole Thermodynamics, Chinese Physics Letters. Volume 28, No. 5 (2011) 050401


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Prof. Asghar Qadir

Black holes in bulk viscous cosmology,F. D. Paolis, M. Jamil andA.Qadir,International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 49(2010), 621-632


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Prof. Muneer A Rashid

Transition amplitutude for time dependant linear harmonic oscillator with linear time dependant terms added to the Hamiltonian, Proceedings of 12th Regional Conference in Mathematical Physics 2006 held at NCP Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan39-46, edited by M. T. Aslam, F. Hussain, A. Qadir, Riazuddin and H. Saleem, World Scientific 2007, PP 39-46, Published by World Scientific, Singapore.


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Prof. Faiz Ahmed

F. Ahmad and W. H. Al-barakati, An approximate analytic solution of the Blasius problem, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 14 (2009) 1021-1024.

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 Dr. Muhammad Akbar

Quantum Corrections to the Entropy of Charged Rotating Black Holes.M. Akbar, K. Saifullah, European Physical Journal C. 67(2010) 205-211



Dr. Maqbool Ahmed

Maqbool Ahmed, Rafael Sorkin, Scott Dodelson and Patrick Greene, Everpresent Lambda, Physical Review D, ASP, 103523, (2004)





Dr. Rashid Farooq

Rashid Farooq; A polynomial-time algorithm for a stable matching problem with linear valuations and bounded side payments; Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, (to appear)

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Dr. Tooba Feroze

New conserved quantities for the spaces of different curvatures.T. Feroze, Modern Physics Letters A 25(2010),1107-1114


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Dr. Jamil Raza






Dr. Aeyesha Khalique

Aeysha Khalique, Georgios M. Nikolopoulos, Gernot Alber, Postponement of dark-count effects in practical quantum key-disttribution by two-way post processing, European Physics Jounal D. 40(2007)453-464. (Without address of CAMP)


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Dr. Matloob Anwar


Positive Semidefinite Matrices, Exponential Convexity for Majorization, and Related Cauchy Means.M.Anwar, N. Latif, J. Pecaric, Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2010, 19 Pages


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 Dr. Mubasher Jamil

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 Dr. Khaula Naeem

Khaula Naeem Khan, Wilson Lamb, Adam Mcrbride, Fractional Calculus of periodic distributions, Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis 14 (2). pp. 260-283.(With the name of CAMP).


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Dr. Muhammad Imran


.Tomescu, M. Imran, Metric dimension and R-sets of connected graphs, Graphs and Combinatorics, 27 (2011), 585-591


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 Dr. Moniba Shams

 M. Shams, M. Destrade, R.W.Ogden, Initial stresses in elastic solids: constitutive laws and acoustoelasticity, Wave Motion, Accepted (with the name of CAMP)

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 Dr. Rizwan Khalid

 Ilia Gogoladze, Rizwan Khalid, Shabbar Raza, Qaisar Shafi (Delaware U., Bartol Inst. & Delaware U.)CDMS II Inspired Neutralino Dark Matter in Flipped SU(5). Mod.Phys.Lett. A 25 (2010) 3371-3379





 Dr. Yousaf Habib





Dr. Naseer Ahmad Asif






Dr. Mujeeb ur Rehman





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