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Course Description
Thrust Area and Coursework:
The main thrust areas in Chemistry are Physical, Inorganic, analytical, Analytical and Nanochemistry. MS coursework will be of 24 credit hours, followed by a thesis of 6 credit hours. The MS students will register for the thesis every semester after completing 24 credit hours of coursework and PhD students after passing the comprehensive examination.

 The PhD programme will consist of 18 credit hours of coursework and 30 credit hours thesis. The course outline and contents will be declared individually for each student from their chosen research areas, as advised by their supervisor. There will also be seminar courses that must be cleared but will carry no credits.

Comprehensive Examination:
The comprehensive examination is based on four core courses and elective courses.

MS Thesis
CH-899 Thesis (6.0 credits)
PhD Thesis
CH-999 Thesis (36.0 credits)

Note: PhD Students will complete the requirements of 800/900 level coursework to be decided by the doctoral Guidance and Examination Committee (GEC).

Course list
(All courses carry 3 credits unless mentioned otherwise)