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Objectives of MS Program
Mission of MS Program in Chemistry:

Several universities and institutions in Pakistan offer programs in chemistry but most of these programs do not effectively cater for the needs of industry/organizations in the fields of chemistry, polymer based products, the emerging field of nanochemistry and environmental issues. The chemistry program under SNS is an attempt to fulfill this national requirement through human resource development and indigenous research.
The MS/PhD program of Chemistry at SNS is being started for academic research and development in public and private sector commensurate with the needs of allied industries. Its aim is to attract faculty of outstanding talent and ability and provide them a supporting and enabling environment for original and innovative research as well as to produce highly skilled scientists and researchers who distinguish themselves by professional competence, pragmatic problem solving approach and organizational abilities. Apart from teaching general subjects, there will be special focus on applied chemistry, drug design, nanochemistry, supra molecular chemistry and industrial chemistry domains. 

Educational Objectives:
The objectives of the program are :
  • To teach students and professionals the principles & design of basic core chemistry modules such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry coupled with the applied electives (pharmaceutical chemistry, drug design, environmental chemistry, molecular nanotechnology and polymer chemistry domains) with special emphasis on industrial applications.
  • To provide the students with the advanced academic background necessary to contribute effectively to technically demanding projects in the field of chemistry.
  • They will also be equipped with sound understanding towards process diagnostics & instrumentation through elaborate research programs which will be offered as part of the MS/PhD degrees.
  • To provide students with a professional learning experience that instills a sense of professional ethics in their personal discipline. The graduates from the Department of Chemistry must not only be academically competent but also ethically and professionally capable of creating job market in Pakistan.
The mission of MS program in Chemistry is to train students in various fields of Chemistry for their better understanding in Chemistry which leads to lifelong successful careers.