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Objectives of MS Program
Mission of MS Program in Mathematics:
The mission of MS program in Mathematics is to train students in various fields of Mathematics for their better understanding in Mathematics which leads to lifelong successful careers.
Program Educational Objectives:
The broad objectives of the MS program in Mathematics are to teach students basic concepts of Mathematics, empower them with computational skills to solve Mathematical problems using computers and to provide appropriate mathematical background to their needs. In addition to this, the program is structured in such a manner that the students can learn some advanced concepts through their course and research work.

Objective #1 – Core Concepts
            To impart education to students in a manner that infuses core and advanced mathematical concept

Objective #2 –Skills & Tools

            To teach students computational skills, Department of Mathematics shall be able to:

           a)    Analyze and model real world problems based on mathematical and engineering principles and solve such problems by utilizing their skills.
           b)    Be able to use theoretical knowledge to implement practical solutions
           c)    Be able to think and work independently when involved in problem solving
           d)    Continue in pursuit of higher learning and enlightenment throughout their life
           e)    Exhibit superior communication and presentation skills in report writing and presentations.

Objective #3 – Professional Practice & Ethics

            To provide students with a professional learning experience that instills a sense of professional ethics in their personal discipline. The graduates from the Department of Mathematics must not only be mathematically competent but also ethically and professionally capable of creating job market in Pakistan.

Objective #4 – Research Culture

            To inculcate a culture of research in students and to inspire them towards a career of innovation.

The first objective is geared towards providing quality education to students with strong basic concepts. The second objective is aimed at producing quality graduates with necessary training in essential tools and technologies and equipped them with skills required by the industry and essential to succeed in professional life. The third objective is aligned with the department’s vision of producing graduates with a sense of professional responsibility and carrying out such responsibility in line with utmost standards of professional ethics. The fourth objective focuses on training students in research methodologies and inspiring them to innovate.​​