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Course Description
The BS Physics program is based on four years of education after the higher secondary level. Students are required to complete 134 credit hours of course work. There is an option for students to have a minor whence the student may choose up to 27 credit hours of electives in an associated area. Currently we are offering the following minors: 
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Nanotechnology
The student may choose to forgo the minor option in which case they may choose from a plethora of electives on offer.  The student also studies 21 credit hours of humanities courses 12 of which are compulsory. 

The flexibility of our program allows the students to broaden their horizons by focusing on an allied area (as a minor option) or to take advanced elective physics courses. The minor option grants access of a wider job market for our students in addition to allowing them to pursue postgraduate studies and research in allied areas. Currently elective courses in both theoretical physics and experimental physics are available. Available minor streams are mathematics, nanotechnology and electronics. 

BS Physics program at SNS covers the needs of those (a) who intend to pursue their postgraduate study and research in physics, (b) who seek jobs after finishing their degree, and (c) who require a strong physics base while working in an allied technological area. The most important tool students learn in this undergraduate curriculum is the analysis of complex situations which will assist them to go on to work on alternative energy, collaborate with electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers in the defence and R&D industries, become excellent managers or carry on postgraduate studies.