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Conference, Seminars and Symposiums


SCME Seminar hall

Inaugural ceremony of MS Energy Systems was held on 20Th November, 2012 at SCME Seminar Hall, which was organized by Principal, Academic staff and fresh students of MS Energy Systems Engineering. Ceremony was honored by joining of Dr. Samar Mubarakmand as Chief Guest. Besides him, honorable guests from different walks of life including business heads of different corporations dealing in energy, Pro-Rector P&R, Representative from USAID, Principals and staff of different schools in NUST, joined the ceremony. Principal CES delivered the preliminary and brief speech about the Centre and its objectives.  Principal was followed by other speakers who delivered thought provoking lectures on different Energy related topics with respect to current scenario. These speakers were, Mr. W T Chatham President Chatham Resources limited, Canada, Mr. Chris Willman, CEO NRG Biofuel Inc. Calgary, Canada, Asma Rehman, represented USAID.

After these lectures, ceremony was colored by signing of MoU by Principal-CES with the three leading Industry-group of Pakistan naming ICI, FFCL and APTMA.

Representative of ICI, also gave a cheque of 5, 000,00 /- Rs to Principal-CES as sign of good gesture. In these three MoUs, it was established that CES-NUST will address their Energy related problems in fields of Solar, Biofuel, Wind and Renewable Energy, while CES will help them for conducting Energy Audit in order to make their processes more active and efficient. After signing of MoUs, representatives of these groups delivered short notes for working in harmony and existence with CES for future in Energy related projects.

Principal CES also awarded few distingu​ished guests with shields in order to commemorate their services in their respective fields. NUST Energy Solutions’ copies, a quarterly magazine being published by Centre for Energy Systems, were also distributed among the distinguished guests.

After that, N-Tech (Biofuel Park) was inaugurated at CES-NUST, which is sponsored by NRG Biofuels. Biofuel related projects, like Photo bio reactors for growing of Algae will be placed here in order to commercialize this project in near future.  An energy Exhibition was also conducted to create awareness among the masses about solar devices, in which different companies demonstrated their solar gadgets for domestic and commercial usage.

After Lunch break, a short symposium was arranged on Advanced Renewables Energy Systems. In which, following four speakers delivered presentations.

1-      Dr. Pervaiz Akhtar former DG (PCRET) delivered a presentation on different aspects of Solar Energy materials and solar cells.

2-      Mr. W.T. Chatham gave a lecture about challenges faced by those, who are already working on energy projects and the ways to face them.

3-      Dr. Adeel Waqas discussed current Renewable Energy scenario of Pakistan.

4-      Dr. Zuhair S Khan delivered a presentation on solid oxide fuel cell technology.

At the end, Principal-CES thanked all the participants and audience. ​

Seminar on Modelling​

On 3rd October, 2012, a Seminar was held in SCME Seminar hall under the auspices of Principal CES and was attended by the Faculty members and students of CES, SCME, RCMS and SCEE. In Seminar,

  1. "Rainbow concept of Life", by Brig(Retd) Hadi 
  2. ​"Numerical and Computational Modelling in Civil Engineering and Geology" by Dr. Sarhosis, School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK , 03/10/2012.

  3. "Mineral Carbonation" , Dr. Ayesha Saeed, CES foreign visiting Faculty Professor from Macquire University, Sydney Austrailia, 03/10/2012.  

International Appearances

  • ASEAN Jakarta, Indonesia, 2009.
  • World Future Energy Summit, UAE 2010.
  • COMSTAC/NASIC, Islamabad 2010.
  • International Conference on Energy Systems Engineering, EME-NUST 2010.
  • TMS, California, USA 2010
  • ASEAN, Vietnam 2011
  • SDPI, Islamabad 2011
  • University of Sheffield Energy Centre 2011
  • Cooperation with Asian and Pacific Centre For Transfer Of Technology (APCTT) For The Promotion Of Renewable Energy Technologies In Asia-Pacific Region, China 2011
  • 4th Asian School On Solar Electricity For Rural Areas, Selangor, Malaysia 2011
  • Pakistan-China Cooperation Conference, Beijing, China 2011
  • SOPREST International Energy Conference, Islamabad, 2012
  •  UK-Pakistan Coal Conference, University of Leeds,   UK, 2012​
  • ​ ​