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Student/Professional Exchange Program


USPCAS-E at National University of Sciences and Technology offers an Academic Exchange Program under which 100 faculty and students will be visiting U.S. partners, Arizona State University and Oregon State University, in upcoming 4 years for a period of 16 weeks for students and 6 weeks for faculty.

This exchange visitor program will help to a build world-class research Centre in Energy  at NUST to train the graduates, enable faculty to gain valuable experience in applied research, and train leaders in the energy sector to make sound economic and social decisions in Pakistan. The candidates participating in this academic exchange program will be from USPCAS-E and other relevant schools of NUST.


The objective of this program is to provide training and research methodology for the faculty and students from USPCAS-E at NUST. During this period, the ASU and OSU teams will develop a learning plan based on the participants’ energy specialization and research interests. Common experiences offered to all exchanges will include:

  •    ​ Hands-on participation in research activities and use of equipment in ASU energy laboratories
  •   Participation in energy-focused research programs and workshops 

Applicants Must

  •                 Be Pakistani/ AJK nationals
  •                 Be currently enrolled in USPCAS-E or an energy relevant degree program at NUST
  •                 Have a CGPA of 3.20 or above
  •                 Have all course work complete before the start of the exchange program
  •                 Be conducting research in energy related area
  •                 Be proficient in oral and written English at a level appropriate for study in the U.S.
  •           Be eligible for J-1 visa

Exchange Manual.pdf​