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About Department
​The power sector of Pakistan is in doldrums for last couple of decades and is in dire need of reforms, good governance and qualified human resource. The country lacks competent and energetic workforce in this important sector in the industry as well as academia. Although many higher education institutes are offering degree programs in electrical engineering but power centric curriculum meeting the indigenous demands are offered at a few universities in Pakistan. The start of degree program at USPCAS-E is an attempt to fulfil this national requirement through human resource development and indigenous research. The significance of this degree program is to train the students with contemporary curricula about clean power production, economic dispatch and distribution of power, computational power flow, transient studies and studies pertaining to monitoring, control, and protection of power system and integration of renewable energy systems with convention power grid. In addition to that the students will also be exposed to state of the art smart grid and electrical energy labs at the Center during their research phase