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About Department
Pakistan’s current energy mix roughly 68% is based on thermal sources like High speed diesel, furnace oil, heavy fuel oil, coal and natural gas. There is no specialized program in the country to cater the needs of thermal power generation. Conventional thermal power plants are considered to be not that energy efficient, in order to enhance the efficiency various technological breakthroughs are imperative. Cutting edge applied research is required not only in thermal fuels but also in areas such as advanced materials, combustion, thermal hydraulics, and thermodynamics.  
Thermal Energy Engineering department is primarily focused on thermal energy technologies and systems and covers advanced aspects of energy system modelling, heat- and mass transfer, control engineering and experimental work with focus on different components and energy system aspects. The themes for the two semesters are particularly focussed on Thermal Energy and Process Engineering and in-depth understanding of the technologies and scientific disciplines involved in energy conversion, utilization and transport. The education is multidisciplinary and covers the integration of general engineering disciplines such as thermal systems, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and thermal hydraulics.

The main objectives to be attained through the specialisation can be summarised as follows:
To obtain general understanding of the design, modelling and optimisation of energy systems used in various energy production applications
To understand the detailed operation, functionality and interaction between the various components of key thermal energy conversion technologies.
To gain detailed insight in system integration with respect to both system efficiency and control engineering aspects of energy systems.
To be able to develop, construct and operate thermal energy conversion technologies in the laboratory and in real applications.
To gain insight in the topics related to the practical realisation and implementation of thermal energy technologies and systems concerning both innovative aspects, business planning and economic considerations