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Head of Department Message

Dear Visitor:
Welcome to the Department of Energy Systems Engineering at the USPCAS-E NUST. Rapid increase in energy demand and the recent energy crises have raised serious concerns about Pakistan’s energy security and sustainable development in future. Pakistan is Alhamdulillah blessed with vast amount of energy resources. Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) is a highly interdisciplinary domain and the ESE is the largest department within the USPACS-E with over 8+ faculty members.  

At the graduate level, ESE offers two degrees, MS Engineering and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). ESE is a research-intensive department. Our faculty, research staff and students are engaged in cutting-edge research activities that span a diversity of areas. After completing the course work requirements, students can carry out advance research either in solar energy applications, advanced energy materials & systems, biofuel engineering, electrochemical devices, energy economics, modelling of energy systems/process, etc.

ESE interacts with the private and the public-sector organizations to train the manpower and address the challenges facing across the board. Faculty members at the ESE Department have also attracted many research grants from various organizations which along with our well-equipped facilities have raised our research profile in recent times.

I hope that you will find the information you are looking for in our website. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us through phone or email. Best wishes and regards,
Dr. Naseem Iqbal