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About Department

Department of Energy Systems Engineering covers a broad spectrum in energy sciences and technology. It offers learning opportunitis to students from different backgrounds in engineering and sciences. It started offering an MS program in Energy Systems Engineering back in year 2012. By now, it has graduated about 90+ students with MS degress and it currently enrolls 15 PhD candidates. Faculty members with the ESE Department are working in diffrent domains of energy such as energy storage, advanced energy materials, catalysis, biofuel engineering, solar energy applications, gas turbines, energy economics, energy efficiency and audit, etc. Faculty members and the graduate students at this Department have access to advance equipment/tools for research in these areas. 

Department enjoys strong collaboration within the Center and with other NUST Schools such as SCME, SMME, IESE etc. In addition, Department/Center has signed MoUs with various industries such as PSO, ICI and FFCL etc., from which the students and Industry will equally benefit. Faculty members from the Department have won competitive research grants such as from the HEC, MoST, PSF and International Donor agencies for establishing research infrastructure and carrying out research for commercial aspects.