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Dr. Kendra Visit
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Development of water Run off Model for Pakistan “A Tool for Identification & Assessing Micro-Hydro Sites”.​

Prof. Kendra V. Sharp

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2001​

Dr. Kendra Sharp’s primary expertise is in the areas of experimental fluid mechanics including diagnostic techniques, mixing, and microfluidics for biological and energy applications. She is also working in the area of sustainable technologies, with an emphasis on micro hydro, and international emphases in engineering research and education. She was recently named a Glumac Faculty Fellow at Oregon State University for her work in sustainable technologies.

Her current modeling efforts are aimed at enabling better prediction of micro-hydro site conditions (current & future). She is working with CES-NUST to evaluate and improve modeling and developing tools for applications in Pakistan. Dr. Sharp is the CO-PI on a USD 50,000/- joint NSF grant with Principal CES as the PI. During Professor Sharp’s visit to CES-NUST, a joint proposal under the PAK-US Technology Cooperation Program was fielded jointly by CES-NUST and OSU, USA, according to which a micro-hydro testing and certification station will be set-up at NUST.

In her talk delivered to CES/SCEE/IESE faculty and students, she said that Pakistan has huge potential for micro-hydro systems which needs special attention for mitigating present energy crisis. She demonstrated that although there are some challenges like large variation in topography, complex precipitation patterns, and unreliable data but Hydrological modeling is essential to better understand the micro-hydro sites and installing most efficient system in Pakistan. ​