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Dr Kashif Imran
Assistant Professor
U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
USPCAS-E Building, NUST, Sector H-12, Islamabad
Tel :  

Electrical Power Systems Engineering

PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarship UK (2011-2014)
“Best Research Paper Award” by Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan (2011)
Overall 85% marks according to “Academic Evaluation Formula” of HEC 
In top 10% students of all streams of BSc Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore (2006)
All A Grades in A Levels from Leeds City College, UK (2001)
Economic Power System Operations in Restructured Electricity Sector
Agent based Modelling and Simulation of Wholesale/Retail Electricity Markets
Applications of Intelligent Systems for Power Systems Solutions
Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control of Power Systems


1.         Kashif Imran (2010), "Power Exchange as a Deregulated Electricity Market", published by: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany, Standard: ISBN: 978-3-8383-9115-1

Journal Papers

1. Kashif Imran, Ivana Kockar (2014), "A technical comparison of wholesale electricity markets in North America and Europe", Electric Power Systems Research, pp: 59-67, Vol: 108, Standard: 0378-7796, Impact Factor: 3.045 
2. Intesar Ahmed, Manzar Ahmed, M. Shuja Khan, Kashif Imran (2011), "A Novel Approach for Detection of Shorted Turns Fault in Machine Using Combination of Flux and Instantaneous Power Signals", International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Singapore, pp: 233-239, Vol: 3, Issue: 2, Standard: 1793-8163
3. Intesar Ahmed, Manzar Ahmed, Kashif Imran, M. Shuja Khan, S. Junaid Akhtar (2011), "Detection of Eccentricity Fault in Electrical Machines Using Frequency Spectrum Technique", International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Singapore, pp: 111-119, Vol: 3, Issue: 1, Standard: 1793-8163
4. H. T. Hassan, Kashif Imran, M. S. Akbar, I. Ahmad, Y. M. Siddiqi (2011), "Impacts of Proposed Utilization of Various Indigenous Coal Reserves for Power Generation on Production Cost and Environment", Journal of Power and Energy UK, pp: 233-241, Vol: 225, Issue: 3, Standard: 0957-6509, Impact Factor: 0.689
5. Intesar Ahmed, Manzar Ahmed, M. Shuja Khan, Kashif Imran (2010), "Investigation of Multiple Faults Detection in Machine using Broken Rotor Bar and Eccentricity Fault Frequencies Techniques", International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences, pp: 24-31, Vol: 10, Issue: 5, Standard: 2077-1231 
6. H. T. Hassan, K. Imran, M. F. Aslam and I. Ahmad (2010), "Meeting Load Demand at Least Cost in De-centralised Electricity Environment", International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences, pp: 24-29, Vol: 10, Issue: 6, Standard: 2077-1231
7. Kashif Imran, T. Hassan, M. F. Aslam, H. W. Ngan and I. Ahmad (2009), "Simulation Analysis of Emissions Trading Impact on a Non-Utility Power Plant", Energy Policy, pp: 5694-5703, Vol: 37, Standard: 0301-4215, Impact Factor: 1.809

Conference Papers:

1. Kashif Imran, You Zhao, Ivana Kockar (2015) "Simulation of Portfolio Optimization by Electricity Trading Participants in a Multi-agent System", Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems (ISAP) 

2. T. Hassan, K. Imran and M. F. Aslam (Apr 2009) "Operational Optimization of an Industrial Power Plant for Electricity Trading in a Power Exchange", IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) 

​Dr Kashif Imran has worked as Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Strathclyde, UK. He taught Advanced Electric Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Power Distribution and Utilization and Electric Machines to undergraduate students at COMSATS Institute of IT (CIIT) Lahore. In addition he taught Advanced Power System Protection to graduate students at CIIT. He has also instructed labs of Industrial Electronics and Electric Machines at University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore
​​Dr Kashif Imran worked In SIEMENS as Engineer on project coordination of 132kV grid stations. Later he joined NESPAK, leading engineering consultancy firm of Pakistan, as an Engineer in Power Distribution Section. In NESPAK, his professional experience includes design of overhead and underground power distribution systems for a variety of buildings and installations. Some of his projects of external overhead electrification networks include Beacon House Estate Lahore, WAPDA Finance Officers Housing Scheme Lahore, Balochistan University of IT & Managamnet Sciences Takatu Campus and Cadet College Pasroor in Pakistan and Hisare Shahi Industrial Park Jalalabad and Kamari Industrial Park Kabul in Afghanistan. Most important of his projects of internal electrification system are Quetta Water Supply and Environment Improvement Project, Slaughter House Multan, Central Board of Revenue’s Income Tax Complexes in Jehlum, Sahiwal and Bahawalpur, Society Office and other buildings in Punjab Government Servants Housing Scheme at Satiana Road Faisalabad, Pumping Stations in G. Magnolia Park Housing Scheme Gujranwala in Pakistan and Design Review of Al-Buraimi Sewerage Treatment Plant in Oman. His special projects include External lightning protection system for Overhead Water Tank in Sector G-13 Islamabad, Internal and external electrification system for midway Rest Area on Sialkot Lahore Motorway and Comprehensive conceptual design of new 132/11 kV AIS and GIS substations for LESCO in Pakistan.