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Dr Warda Ajaz
Assistant Professor
Department of Energy System Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
National University of Science and Technology,Sector H-12 Islamabad
Tel :  

Energy Policy, Energy Governance and Management, Energy Transitions, Energy Systems and Community Resilience, Energy and Climate Change

PhD- Public Policy (Energy Policy concentration) from Oregon State University, United States

Dr. Warda Ajaz holds a doctorate degree in Public Policy (Energy Policy concentration) from Oregon State University, United States. Her PhD research focused on the socio-technical transition toward microgrids and other decentralized energy systems. In the past, she has published her work on Oregon’s energy policies, Pakistan’s climate change policies, and feasibility of renewable energy microfinancing in Pakistan.
Her research interests include:    
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Governance and Management
  • Energy Transitions
  • Energy Systems and Community Resilience
  • Energy and Climate Change​

​Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Ajaz, W. (2019). Resilience, environmental concern, or energy democracy? A panel data analysis of microgrid adoption in the United States. Energy Research & Social Science Vol. 49, 26:35
  2. Ajaz, W. (2017). A Multiple Streams Explanation of Pakistan’s Climate Change Policy. Journal of Political Studies, Vol. 24, Issue - 1, 2017, 175:190
  3. Ajaz, W., & Taylor, H. (2015). Demand Assessment of Solar Electrification in Off-Grid Rural Communities of Pakistan Through Microfinancing of Solar Home Systems. In Decentralized Solutions for Developing Economies (pp. 217-231). Springer International Publishing.

Book Chapters

  1. Bernell, D., Ajaz, W. & Grey, D. (2018). Energy Policy, in “Governing Oregon; Continuity and Change”, Oregon State University Press