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Dr. Sehar Shakir
Assistant Professor
Department of Energy System Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
National University of Science and Technology,Sector H-12 Islamabad
Tel : 05190855285


PhD (Experimental Physics)  MS Energy Systems Engineering BS Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Sehar Shakir completed her PhD from university of Malaya, Malaysia in experimental physics with research focused on 3rd generation solar cells. During her MS and PhD, she has authored several research articles in well reputed ISI journals and conferences. She has received trainings on Energy Systems from the platforms of Helmholtz, Germany and University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
Research focus includes:
Energy Materials
Thin film Coatings
Perovskite solar cells
Dye sensitized solar cells
Photocatalytic water splitting

List of selected publications

  • Sehar Shakir, et al. "Fabrication of capillary force induced DNA template Ag nanopatterns for sensitive and selective enzyme-free glucose sensors." Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 256 (2018): 820-827.
  • Shakir, Sehar, et al. "Metallization of Silver Through Coffee‐Ring Assisted Ribonucleic Acid Scaffolding Technique." ChemistrySelect 4.35 (2019): 10320-10328.
  • Sehar Shakir, et al. "Electro-catalytic and structural studies of DNA templated gold wires on platinum/ITO as modified counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cells." Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29.6 (2018): 4602-4611.
  • Sehar Shakir, et al. "Fabrication of un-doped and magnesium doped TiO2 films by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition for dye sensitized solar cells." Journal of Alloys and Compounds 737 (2018): 740-747.
  • Sehar Shakir, et al. "Development of copper doped titania based photoanode and its performance for dye sensitized solar cell applications." Journal of Alloys and Compounds 652 (2015): 331-340.
  • Abd-ur-Rehman, H. M., Al-Sulaiman, F. A., Mehmood, A., Sehar Shakir., & Umer, M. (2018). The potential of energy savings and the prospects of cleaner energy production by solar energy integration in the residential buildings of Saudi Arabia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 183, 1122-1130.
  • Sehar Shakir, and Hafiz M. Abd-ur-Rehman. "Enhancement in Photovoltaic Performance of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Using Cu and Cu: Ag Co-Doped TiO2 Photoanode." ASME 2016 Power Conference collocated with the ASME 2016 10th International Conference on Energy Sustainability and the ASME 2016 14th International Conference on Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2016.
   Course Code    Course Title
1.    ESE-829      Functional Nanomaterials for renewable energy
2     ESE-901       Recent Trends in Energy System Engineering
3.    ESE-817      Wind Energy