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Dr. Eng. Muhammad Zubair
Assistant Professor
U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
USPCAS-E Building, NUST, Sector H-12, Islamabad
Tel : +92_5190855282

Process and Equipment Design, Fuels and Combustion, Thermodynamics and Biofuels

Professional Doctorate of Engineering (TU Delft NLD), MS Chemical Engineering (NUST),  BS Chemical Engineering (UET, Lahore)

A very determined and enthusiastic Process Engineer with advanced Engineering Doctorate Degree. Displays a wide range of skills with particular strength in process design (basic to detailed engineering), mathematical modeling and simulation, process optimization, energy integration, Life cycle analysis, waste to chemicals/energy, computational fluid dynamics, product development and project management. Enjoys contributing in all team activities and clearly displays the ability to communicate with others and shows strength when planning, organizing and problem solving.


During his Professional Doctorate of Engineering, he worked in applied research (design) projects with industry. The projects include “Process design for continuous production of Pt and Pd nano-catalysts using atomic layer deposition technique” and “Investigation of feasible options and conceptual process design for valorization of food processing industry waste in the province of North-Holland”.

The following milestones have been accomplished:

Investigated the transient behavior of atomic layer deposition facility to minimize the loss of expensive metals and off-spec production.
Designed pilot scale atomic layer deposition process for coating of micro or nano sized alumina particles with Palladium.
Optimized the production of palladium catalysts by using CFD simulation (COMSOL) considering minimal expensive metal loss in venturi-feeder.
Novel process design for production of high quality protein and minerals from bio-residues.
Designed an innovative reactor with double planetary mixer for highly viscous contents.

​​Bahadur. A, Zubair. M, Khan. M. B. “Design, construction and evaluation of solarized airlift tubular
photobioreactor”, Journal of Physics, Conf. Ser. 439 (2013).

Zubair. M, “Investigation of feasible options and conceptual process design for recycling food processing industry waste in the province of North-Holland”, prepared for Delft project management B.V and province of the North-Holland (Confidential), Oct., 2014.

R. Iwuagwu. A., Tzanetis. K., Zubair. M “Process design for continuous production of Pt and Pd nano-catalysts”, (Confidential), Aug., 2013.

R. Iwuagwu. A., Tzanetis. K., Zubair. M “Sustainable process design for production of binding agent for use in water-borne automotive paints” TU Delft, The Netherlands. July, 2013.

Zubair. M., Duque. C. “Techno-economic evaluation of crude butadiene production from Raffinate-2”, TU Delft, The Netherlands. June. 2013.

Experience in co-supervising MS design project with industry during the stay at TU, Delft Netherlands.
​​Worked with NRG Biofuels during MS Engineering as a research associate for Process development of second and third generation biofuels.

Two year experience with industry in process and equipment design during Professional Doctorate of Engineering from TU Delft, Netherlands.

International Professional Certification:

1. Project Management (AMI Consultancy, the Netherlands) 
2. Advanced Catalysis Engineering (NIOK, the Netherlands) 
3. Product Centric Process Design (DTU, Denmark) 
4. BASF Engineering Academy (TU Delft, the Netherlands) 
5. Advanced Process Energy Analysis and Optimization (CB&I, NLD)