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Lab Supervisor
Department of Energy System Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
National University of Sciences & Technology
Tel : +92-51-90855361

Expert Scanning Electron Microscopy, Thermal Spraying, Conversion of Biofuel, Prototype production of Biofuel production Plants, Solar Penal Frame designing/evaluation, Aircraft parts manufacturing & evaluation, QMS and etc.

DAE Machinist (School of Aeronautics, Pakistan Air Force)

Mr Qamar-ud-din is working as Manufacturing & Machines Shop Technologist at USPCAS-E.He is an expert in Scanning Electron Microscopy, Thermal spraying, Design & manufacturing of Biofuel production plants, Layout & Installation of Lab Equipment/Machines, Industry/Market resources procedure.He has participated in seminars / workshops including Safety & Work Ethics, Class Management & Communication, Work Ethics & FOD, Green  Energy, Solar Applications.
He was awarded with 3 Tamgha-i-Khidmat from President of Pakistan, a Gold Medal and 04 Commendation Certificates.

His research area includes;

  1. Biofuel Production
  2. Aviation parts & supporting equipment Modification
  3. Technology Department Management
Mr Qamar-Ud-In's specialization  

  1. Thermal Spraying Technology
  2. Machine Maintenance 
  3. Mechanical Trade Instructions
  4. Field Training Instructions
  5. Supervisors Management
  6. Technical Drawing
  7. Class Management
  8. MS Office
  9. CAD

Mr Qamar-Ud-In has teaching above 30 Years’ experience as a Senior Technologist with NRG Biofuel Canada for Biofuel production research work. He worked as an Administrator of Machine Shop, Task Orienting / Refresher Training in Pakistan Air Force, As an Instructor of Apprenticeship, Field Training and Short Technical Courses, as ISO 9000 QMS Auditor for Manufacturing Activities at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, Quality assurance Evaluator for Parts, Dies and  Templates and Fixtures Manufacturing Activities ,As a design process Controller Drawings and Process of Manufacturing Aircraft Parts/Tooling and Supervised Fabrication of Parts, Tooling, Templates, Dies & QA/QC Department and also participated in Aircraft Frame Repair & Fabrication of Ground Support Equipment as Technician at Pakistan Air Force Bases.​