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Principal-CES in NDU

NUST Faculty Participates as Invited Speaker at NDU​

The National Defence University organized a Seminar on “Energy Security of Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects” the event was organized as a joint panel discussion. Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan Principal-CES, Mr. Shahid M. Sattar, Member (Energy) Planning Commission of Pakistan and Mr. N.A. Zuberi, MD Private Power and Infrastructure Board were invited as member of the panel. Dr. Bilal was privileged to present his thoughts on Importance of Thar Coal Project for Energy Security of Pakistan: Recommendations and Way Forward. Dr. Bilal emphasise that Pakistan is blessed with huge coal reserves, bulk of these are subsurface. It is imperative to utilize these indigenous reserves to provide import substitution of diesel and furnace oil worth USD 12 billion per annum. Comparing the CAPEX and OPEX of competing technologies i.e. dry batteries, fuel cells, it was highlighted that GTL derived petrol and diesel offer lowest OPEX to run the vehicle, thus bringing coal to the cheapest platform available for commuting. Moreover Syngas obtained from coal gasification is the raw material for a variety of products including Electric Power, Synthetic Diesel, Hydrogen for Fuel Cells and Urea Fertilizers, and several petro-chemicals.​