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A 3-day Technical Work Shop on Batteries and Fuel Cells
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SADA Seminar Hall (NUST)
A 3-day Technical Workshop was conducted by senior faculty member Prof. A M Kannan from Arizona State University (ASU) at National University of Sciences and Technology. This workshop was in particular, designed to provide insights into batteries and fuel cells for stationary, automotive and portable applications. More than 80 energy engineers and scientists from USPCAS-E, NUST, UET- Peshawar in these 3-day rigorous sessions. For the learning of participants, live demonstration of batteries, solar technology and fuel cell technology were also established. A couple of sessions were earmarked for energy system analysis and design exercises for teams of participants to brainstorm solutions towards maximizing energy conversion and storage.

Workshop Goals
Alternative energy developments are a result of the growing need to build economy of the future that will rely not only on fossil fuels, but also on renewable and clean energy sources. The new generation
of engineers that will support this shift in the energy production must develop truly multidisciplinary skills and be able to respond efficiently to diverse demands. This workshop covered global, comprehensive evaluation of all renewable energy sources with focus on batteries, hydrogen, and fuel cells.

The workshop was designed to provide insights into the curriculum and courses with focus on the following:

 Far-reaching activities for promotion of renewable energy sources
 Development of concepts and all critical components for energy conversion and storage
 Strong combination of fundamental and applied research
 Pursuit of real products and processes
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