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Dr. Akram Sheikh Professor Emeritus Visit to CES-NUST and Biofuel Park
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Seminar hall, SCME

Dr. Akram Sheikh visited CES-NUST on 19th Jan 2013. All faculty members were present during the meeting and were introduced to Dr. Akram Sheikh. CES Faculty briefed Dr. Sheikh about their respective disciplines and projects in hand. Dr. Akram Sheikh introduced the faculty to potential sources of research funding.

Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan Principal/Director CES-NUST presented CES brief history along with sponsored projects which had attracted considerable funds to NUST. Dr.  Qamar Malik, Professor Industry Chair also highlighted NRG-Biofuels Canada sponsored ongoing projects, ways and means to enhance sponsored funding through applied research.

On this occasion Dr. Sheikh visited the Biofuel Park. Dr. Qamar Malik explained the cultivation of algae through various types of photo-bioreactors and production of biofuel from the cultivated algae, he further added that current biofuel park is powered by Solar Energy. Dr. Akram Sheikh appreciated the team work done by CES-NUST and the progress made over a short period. He encouraged the faculty to proactively engage with the Industry from the platform of NUST Corporate Advisory Council.​