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PhD Thesis Defense - Mr. Nadeem Ahmad
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SCME - Seminar Hall
PAEC nominee and SCME Chemical Engineering student Mr. Nadeem Ahmad successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Viscoelastic Properties of Polyurethanes with particular reference to Morphology, Thermal and Mechanical Behavior”. Polyurethanes are versatile multiphase polymeric materials used in automobiles, sports gear and specialty composites. The thesis resolves a problem of longstanding nature encountered by the strategic composites industry. The thesis records significant enhancement in mechanical properties and much reduced sensitivity to vibration induced temperature rise in the composite. Consequently the composite is safer to deploy with much improved shelf life. Part of the work was performed in China under the HEC split PhD Program. The work has resulted in two ISI indexed Impact Factor Journal publications, two ISI indexed conference proceedings and one international conference paper. Supervised by Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan, founding Dean SCME and currently Principal/Dean CES NUST, the thesis is reviewed by distinguished Prof. B.J. Briscoe (FRS), Prof. Emeritus and formerly Dean Imperial College London, and Dr. T. Ahsan, Henkel Corporation, Electronic Materials USA.