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PhD Thesis Defense - Mr. Nadeem Iqbal
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NBS - Seminar Hall
HEC Scholar Mr. Nadeem Iqbal incidentally the first Materials Engineering PhD candidate successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Ablatives based on Elastomeric Composites for Aerospace Applications". Dr. Nadeem pulled out an excellent thesis on an otherwise illusive subject, investigated for the first time in Pakistan. The work resulted in eight ISI indexed impact factor publications and several international conference papers.
Ablatives are ultra-high temperature heat-shielding materials used in space shuttles, re-entry vehicles and ballistic missiles. The nano composites designed, fabricated and tested in this work yielded the highest performance (ablation rate and back face temperature) unmatched by contemporary materials. The research was previously acknowledged by HEC and also reported in the National Press. Supervised by Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan, founding Dean SCME and currently Principal/Dean CES NUST, the thesis is reviewed by Prof. Paul Hogg, Vice Principal and Dean of Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London and Dr. Daryl Williams, Director Space Discovery Program, Imperial College London.