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PhD Thesis Defense - Mr. Rizwan Saleem
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SCME Seminar Hall
NESCOM nominee and SCME Materials Engineering student Mr. Rizwan Saleem successfully defended his PhD Thesis titled “Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Photonic Device Nanostructure” on Tuesday September 17, 2013.

A Photonic device replaces IC devices favorably with maximum highly achievable efficiency and can be used to transmit light signals of particular bandwidth. In this work the older fragile dielectric materials technology has been replaced by polymer imprinted process to produce inexpensive disposable Photonic devices in bulk. The breakthrough process consists of Spin Coating, exposure to High Energy Electron Beam (Lithographic technique), development of Grating Pattern, Heat Treatment to produce Cage to Network Structure, Nano-Imprinting to give original device replica followed by Atomic Layer Deposition to fabricate a-thermal wave guide grating functional devices. Importantly the Reactive Ion Etching step in traditional technology has been eliminated to advantage.

Part of the work was conducted at the University of Eastern Finland under HEC Split PhD Program and also supported by the Academy of Finland, Finish Optical Society and the EU Optical Society. The excellent work resulted in 10 ISI Impact Factor Publications (Total Impact Factor of 22) and 13 International Conference Proceedings. The Scholar gave oral and invited talks in 12 countries including USA, France, FRG, Austria, Sweden and Netherland.

Supervised by Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan, founding Dean SCME and currently Principal/Dean CES NUST, the thesis is reviewed by Professor Antti Saynatjoky of the University of Arizona USA and Professor Seppo Kalevi Honkanen of the University of Eastern Finland.