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Suggest a book
NUST-SEECS Library welcomes suggestions from faculty and students, for the acquisition of materials that support teaching, study, and research at the Institute. Know of a book the NUST-SEECS Library should own? Fill out our "suggest a purchase" form and we will generally purchase the book. We put a rush order on it, and notify you when it has arrived so you can be the first to use it!
Before you make a request for purchase, please check our catalog, to be sure that the item is not already available in the NUST-SEECS' collection.
This Research document supply service is also available for all students and faculty at NUST-SEECS library. All those research publications, which are not available in the NUST-SEECS digital library, can be arranged for readers, free of cost. The Reader will send his request, by writing the exact title, author, publisher etc, of the required article to .The same request will be forwarded to HEC, through HQ NUST. The reader will be informed formally, when his requested publication will be received.