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User Education
The library staff gives a wide range of presentations to each class, to enable users to use the library to its maxim potential. These presentations educate users on the use of different online databases for literature searching. Presentations for small groups can be arranged on request.
Photocopy facility is available on cash payment, for readers to make copies from Text and Reference books, because these books are not being issued.
The books and other reading materials are put into various sections according to the specific nature of the collections. These are identified by their relevant collection designations on the spines of the books and shelves. Library uses Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme to classify and shelve its knowledge resources. It starts from 000 and goes to 999 in decimal order.
This is the main collection comprising highly quality books related to NUST-SEECS academic programs. The major areas are information technology, communications system engineering, electronics engineering, basic sciences, language & literature, fiction, management, physics, chemistry etc.
A significant number of print and electronic reference sources are available on reference shelves.
In order to fulfill the very intensive research needs of its users, the library collects research papers to its users.