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Research Innovation
​Student Name ​Supervisor Research Topic​
​1 ​Mueed Akhtar ​Dr. Ehsan Ali Waste water for power generation
​2 ​M. Raza Shah ​Dr. Ehsan Ali ​Simulation and modeling of pond still water for power generation using hybrid Air-Water
​3 ​Anam Qadir ​Dr. Ehsan Ali ​Designing and modeling of Biomass Gasifier by using Rice Husk to promote gasifier in Pakistan
​4 ​Haider Ejaz ​Dr. Ehsan Ali ​Enhanced hydrogen production from algae using artificial electron donors and inhibiting agents for Fd - NADP Reductase
​5 ​H. M. Bilal Ahmed
Akif Zia Khan
​A study on the power conditioning equipment for grid connected renewable energy systems including V2G technology
​6 ​Shayan Tariq Jan
Akif Zia Khan
​A study of the power conditioning bi-directional converter circuit for grid connected photo-voltaic system
​7 ​Raheel Afzal
Akif Zia Khan
​Power conditioning for grid connected wind form for both online operations and ice landing mode
​8 ​M. Arifeen Ali
Akif Zia Khan
DC distribution system for renewable resources in nano grid using multi stage DC converters approach
​9 ​Zeeshan Nazir Ahmad
Akif Zia Khan
​A study on the Local Area Monitoring System (LAMS) using Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) for micro grids at NUST
​10 ​Abdul Kashif Janjua
Akif Zia Khan
​A novel strategy using optimization algorithms using communition netword to optimal and economic power dispatch
​11 ​Asad Riaz
​Dr. Adeel Waqas ​Modeling of Solar parabolic trough based electric power generation system for climate condition of Pakistan using TRNSYS
​12 ​Hamza Ahmad Raza
​Dr. Majid Ali ​Solar thermal power plant by TRNSYS
​13 ​Sara Sultan ​Dr. Majid Ali ​Thermal analysis of heat exchangers for solar thermal power plants
​15 ​Ali Raza ​Dr. Majid Ali ​Study of spray nozzles for containment spray system
​16 ​Ibadullah Safdar ​Dr. Majid Ali ​Wet scrubber for flue gas desulphurization
​17 ​Shomaz ul Haq ​Dr. Majid Ali ​CFD of nanofluid for enhanced heat transfer in nuclear power plants (NPPs)
​18 ​Ehtsham Sarwar ​Dr. Naseem Iqbal ​Development of non-noble Ni-Co/Graphene catalyst for fuel cells
​19 ​Nafeesa Irshad ​Dr. Naseem Iqbal ​Developing a long term strategy to improve energy access using renewable energy in Pakistan
​20 ​M. Faizan Sharif ​Dr. Naseem Iqbal ​Development of HT-Co catalyst for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of hydrocarbons from syngas
​21 ​M. Arslan ​Dr. Naseem Iqbal ​Effect of promoter on FT-Synthesis HT-Co catalyst for liquid fuel production
​22 ​Muzammal Zulfqar ​Dr. Zuhair S. Khan ​Development of 3rd generation photovoltaic based on Dye-sensitized organic solar cells with metal chloride treated oxide electrode
​23 ​Sufyan Naeem ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan ​Comparative studies of Renewable's Energy Resource's real time data acquisition using present telecommunication structure for Pakistan
​24 ​M. Irfan Raza ​Dr. Rabia Liaquat ​Study of rate limiting factors in bioreactors during biogas production
​25 ​M. Mubassir Saleem ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan Mr. Ghazi Alam, IFPRI (Co-Supvr)  ​Optimal investment strategy for a sustainable energy future in Pakistan
​26 ​Hafeez-Ur-Rehman ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan Mr. Ghazi Alam, IFPRI (Co-Supvr)  ​Pakistan Energy Information System (the MARKAL/TIMES Database can be the baseline Energy MIS to be made more sophisticated over time)
​27 ​Labnan ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan/Mr. Akif Zia Khan ​Congestion Management And Optimal Power Flow Control Of Power System Using Interline Power flow Controller (IPFC)
​28 ​M. Umer Naeem ​Dr. Qamar Malik ​Shale oil and gas potential in Pakistan: Well Logging Study
​29 ​Ijaz Hussain ​Dr. Zuhair S. Khan ​Development of 2nd generation thin film photovoltaics based on CIS/CIGS etc.
​30 ​Warda Mushtaq ​Dr. Zuhair S. Khan ​Development of power efficient P3HT:PCBM based 3rd Gen. Photovoltaic technologies 
31​ ​Mahmood Jamil ​Dr. Zuhair S. Khan ​Development of 3rd generation photovoltaics based on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with metal chloride treated oxide electrodes
​32 ​Asghar Ali ​Dr. Zuhair S. Khan ​Tuning the transport properties of carbon nanotubes for organic photovoltaics
​33 ​Hafiz M. Saleem ​Dr. Zuhair S. Khan ​Studies of rare-earth based ETBC coatings on substrates for Gas turbine 
​34 ​Salman Shahid Kunwar ​Dr. Ehsan Ali ​Enhanced hydrogen production from algae using artificial electron donors and inhibiting agents ferredoxin NADP reductase
​35 ​Faisal Mahmood ​Dr. Ehsan Ali ​Humic acid (Fertilizer) production  from thar coal using selected bacterial strains
​36 ​Amna Meer ​Dr. Ehsan Ali ​Ethanol production from local algal biomass using Zymomonas mobilis (Bacteria)
​Dr. Pervaiz Akhter ​Synthesis, Fabrication, and Characterization of Organic based Solar Cell
​38 ​Mohsin Ayub ​Dr. Pervaiz Akhter ​Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Micro hydel plants installed KPK
39​ ​Syeda Mehwish Hina  ​Dr. Pervaiz Akhter ​Performance Evaluation and Analysis of PV Systems installed in Islamabad City​
​40 ​Muhammad Sohaib Badar ​Dr. M. Rizwan Saleem ​Design, fabrication and characterization of integrated Si solar cells with Guided mode resonance filter
​41 ​Umair Saleem ​Dr. Adeel Waqas ​Minimizing the energy usage for domestic cooling with thermal energy storage
​42 ​Muhammad Awais Hashmi ​Dr. Adeel Waqas/Mr. Akif Zia Khan ​Reliability evaluation in generation expansion planning considering the cost of power outages
43​ ​Ehsan-ur-Rehman ​Dr. Majid Ali/Mr. Akif Zia Khan ​Power quality issues related the installation of large capacity distributed generations into power systems
44​ ​Aakash Hassan ​Dr. Majid Ali ​Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) study of performance of Solar Chimney Power Plant (SCPP)
​45 Samreen Siddique ​Dr. Naseem Iqbal/Engr. Rashid Wazir​ ​Risk Assessment of a Wind Farm
​46 ​Syed Atif Rafique Shah ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan ​Fuel for Economic Growth Forecasting the Energy Mix of Pakistan using TIMES
​47 ​Haris Mushtaq ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan ​Hydro Economic evaluation of hydro power projects on Indus river system
​48 ​Muhammad Ali Zahoor ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan/ Engr. Farhan Zulfiqar ​Energy policy and its implementation in Pakistan: A gap analysis 
​49 ​Umer Bin Sarwar ​Dr. M. Bilal Khan/ Engr. Farhan Zulfiqar ​Suitability of Net Zero or Positive Energy Residential Buildings in Pakistan