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RCMS tomorrow

Efforts coupled with planning are in hand to enhance quality of education, multidisciplinary research, and standing of RCMS.  To ensure sustainable growth and development, following objectives have been outlined:


  • New Academic Programs:
  • System conceptualization, design, analysis and development require contributions from diverse disciplines. By providing a holistic view of the development process, systems engineering helps mold all the technical and non-technical contributors into a unified team.  Structured development process proceeds from conception to realization to operation and to termination and disposal.  RCMS being the premier multidisciplinary institution aims to launch MS and PhD programs in Systems Engineering for the first time in country with areas of specialization ranging from aerospace systems, computer and software systems, communication and networking systems, signal processing systems, control systems, manufacturing systems, operations research, and cyber security.

  • Human Resource Development:
  • RCMS aims at further improvement of graduate education in various new core disciplines to carry out multi-disciplinary research both in industry and academia.  Moreover, the student skills will be polished in conformity with the demands of industry.  The fundamental emphasis will be on becoming useful and productive members of the organizations after completing studies at RCMS.
  • NUST scholars studying abroad will be employed in RCMS on their return to enhance education and research activities in new disciplines and to meet the HRD related objectives of RCMS.

  • Outreach Programs:
  • Collaborations with various institutions at national as well as international scale will be formulated with the aim of meaningful research addressing national issues.
  • RCMS will identify the needs of professionals in different industries. Subsequently, various trainings courses, workshops, and seminars will be conducted for practitioners in different fields to apprise professionals with the latest trends in their fields of interest. Therefore, the training will be customized to the specific needs and demands of the professionals.
  • RCMS will make all out efforts to promote sponsored/funded research programs to cultivate culture for meaningful, applied and needed research.

  • Infrastructure:
  • Acquire additional infrastructure to house future academic and research facilities.
  • Expansion of existing library to accommodate envisaged addition of books as well as improved technology related library services. Moreover, increment in the collection of e-books will be the main thrust area in future.
  • Development of simulator design laboratory to meet the increasing demands of simulator development.
  • Expansion of network simulation laboratory to house indigenous research facility.
  • Establishment of Centre for Cyber Security.