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02x Positions Available Research Associate 01 Year – Mechanics Interdisciplinary Group - MIG
Mechanics Interdisciplinary Group (MIG) at Research Centre for Modeling & Simulation focus on problem-centric solution approach rather than solution-centric problem-search. Working in collaboration, MIG customize methodologies and carry out innovative applied research. The scope of MIG include aerodynamics, flight mechanics and control related investigations in the area of aeronautics, astronautics, unmanned vehicle design and wind energy. The group members come from diverse academic backgrounds (engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science) and work through computational, analytical as well as experimental approaches thereby manifesting interdisciplinary approach. MIG has 02x positions available for Research Associates.
The candidate should have experience with numerical and analytical methods in computational fluid dynamics, and will be expected to independently design and conduct performance modeling of advanced aerospace vehicles. As such, he or she will be proficient in aerodynamic modeling, flight dynamic modeling and have knowledge of ANSYS software.
Successful candidates will work well in a team environment and will be capable of operating independently with minimal supervision. Candidates will be expected to interact with personnel at all levels of the organization and communicate effectively with the client. In addition to the academic expertise, following tasks will be allocated from time to time:

  • Assist in the organization of research programs including conferences, seminars and workshops, meetings and other research related activities.
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals and applications to external bodies, e.g. for funding and contractual purposes.
  • Undertake administrative tasks associated with the funded research project, including the organization of project meetings and documentation and the implementation of procedures required to ensure accurate and timely reporting.
  • Facilitate gathering of materials and data for various projects and reports; and write summaries of project findings as requested.
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies on research related activities.
  • Participate as a member of a research team, attending and contributing to relevant research meetings.
  • Undertake relevant training and development activities to develop capacity for taking on wider responsibilities.
  • Build internal and external contacts and participate in networks for the exchange of information and to form relationships for future collaboration.

  • Kindly forward your queries / CV at by 20 May 2018.