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Head of Department Message

Welcome to the Department of Computational Sciences at RCMS. As computational Science is an exciting and rapidly evolving field that exploits the power of computation to major challenges in natural and social sciences as well as engineering fields; the department focuses on linking traditional sciences with the latest technological advances in computer science, informatics and big data analytics to produce cutting edge research in these fields.

The department is the hub for outstanding graduates to pursue their passion and create impactful knowledge. I take enormous pride in our highly qualified faculty, state of the art laboratories and supercomputing facilities that have been provided by the school to us. The mission of my team is to prepare our graduates to apply basic and advanced knowledge and skills to the design, analysis and research of biological systems to prepare them to complete successfully in today’s job market and for lifelong learning. 

We have 08 full time PhD faculty members supervising in the diverse research domains such as Computer-aided drug design, Computational Chemistry, Computational Vaccinology, translational Medicine. These faculty and mentors celebrate research and pus​h boundaries to help and advance their students. Helping shape the potential of our country

Lastly, it has never been more important for us to keep in contact with our alumni, former colleagues, and friends. You serve as role models for our students, guiding them where they can go and what they can do with a degree in Computational Sciences and Engineering, and we greatly appreciate your loyalty to NUST in general and RCMS in particular

 Dr Ishrat Jabeen