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RCMS is fully equipped with state of the art facilities, both hardware and software. These facilities are a hub of multidisciplinary research.​

Supercomputing Research and Education Facility is a Centre of Excellence in High Performance Computing with a mission to support the research and  development efforts at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)​

Super Computing ​Lab

Supercomputing lab is a part of Supercomputing Research and Education Centre. This lab has a capacity of 20 computer desks. 

MS Research Lab

MS Research Lab has a capacity of 60 research desks with a room for expansion to 70 desks. All the allied research facilities are available in the lab. The dedicated research lab for MS students provides congenial environment for education and research.

PhD - CE De​pt. 

​PhD Lab has 10 research cubicles for PhD scholars. This lab provides dedicated space to each research scholar of CE Dept.  Lab is equipped with high end computers to support research and development work of PhD Students.

General purpose computing lab has a capacity of 40 computer desks. The lab is primarily used to conduct teaching lab. ​​​​​​​​​​